Round Robin qualification


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Andrew Stephenson    (2008-08-03)
Round Robin qualification

Thibault looking at the WCC rules for Round Robin tournaments. It says: "If necessary, a player could be invited to complete a group or to replace a forfeiting player." This must be how Marc Lacrosse came to be in the Round Robin final for 02 as he was not in any stage 1 or stage 2 tournaments for 02. With 5 qualifiers from stage 2 and a stage 1 M winner a 7th player was needed. How did you decide which player to leave out of stage 1 M 02 and put directly in the RR final? Presumably not TER as both Brunsteins and Marius had higher TER's. This is not a problem for 03 as there will be 4 stage 2 qualifiers and 1 stage 1 M winner. Just curious:)

Thibault de Vassal    (2008-08-03 18:56:16)
Round Robin qualification

Hi Andrew, that's right : Marc did not play round 1 & 2 in the WCH 02. As far as I can remember, Marc couldn't play round 2 in WCH 1 (he won Group 20) and due to his rating at this time - I don't remember if he entered a waiting list for replacements - I've included him in this tournament. Such a case will probably happen again if necessary.

Marc Lacrosse    (2008-08-03 20:34:52)
No extra qualification required!

Hi all

To Andrew : I really did not ask for this invitation: i am already unable to face all tournaments for which I qualified.

- I just won WCH-04-group M01
- At the same time I just began to play my quarter-final match in Wch-05
- and if I am not wrong I am not far from winning WCH-03-stage2-group02 (possibly ex aequo with you)...

... so really I do not need to get extra qualifying opportunities !


PS If I remember correctly you had some critical comments on my recent opening choices. It seems that they did not work too miserably so far.

Andrew Stephenson    (2008-08-03 21:50:22)
Will try to help!

Hi Marc We were talking about WCH 2 which is history now as the round robin final for which you received a direct entry was won by Francois Caire (equal with Alberto Gueci). As far as WCH 3 is concerned I will do my best to reduce your burden of games by winning my last game:)) But this could be difficult as Janos has other ideas!

Andrew Stephenson    (2008-08-16 22:10:38)
Burden of games!

" and if I am not wrong I am not far from winning WCH-03-stage2-group02 (possibly ex aequo with you)..." I think I might have some good news for you Marc :)