Risks of vaccination against the flu A/H1N1

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Risks of vaccination against the flu A/H1N1


Have you been vaccinated against the flu A/H1N1 already and do you think it is still necessary to do it when you do not live in a city, as this flu should disappear before the summer 2010?  I would like to know what are the real risks to be vaccinated?  I read that everyone has about one chance out of 1000 to do a bad reaction but what are the consequences and is this number the same after each vaccination?  So if you are vaccinated 15 times during your whole life, do you have 15 chances out of 1000 to make a bad reaction?  The more vaccinations, the more risks?

Finally do you think it is better to be vaccinated against every flu, consequently to be vaccinated each year or not?

Thank you.


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أخطار التلقيح ضدّ الإنفلونزا [أ/ه    (ar)
Рисковете на ваксинацията срещу    (bg)
Rizika očkování proti chřipky A/U    (cs)
Risikoen for vaccination mod influenza A/H1N1    (da)
Gefahren der Schutzimpfung gegen die Grippe A/H1N1    (de)
Κίνδυνοι εμβολιασμού ενάντια στ    (el)
Riesgos de la vacunación contra la gripe A/H1N1    (es)
خطرات مايه‌كوبي عليه آنفلوآنزا    (fa)
Rokotukset riskejä vastaan influenssan A/h1n1    (fi)
Risques de la vaccination contre la grippe A/H1N1    (fr)
Hadarorin da shasshawa da murar tsuntsaye da/h1n1    (ha)
הסיכונים של חיסון נגד שפעת א/h1n1    (he)
के जोखिम के विरूद्ध टी    (hi)
A kockázatok elleni védőoltást az influenza A/segítség    (hu)
Rischi di vaccinazione contro il flu A/H1N1    (it)
インフルエンザA/H1N1に対するワクチン接種の    (ja)
독감 A/H1N1에 대하여 백신 주사의 위험    (ko)
Risico's van inenting tegen de griep A/H1N1    (nl)
Risiko av vaccination mot h5n1 A/H1N1    (no)
Ryzyko prowadzenia szczepień przeciwko grypy A/roku    (pl)
Riscos do vaccination de encontro ao flu A/H1N1    (pt)
Riscurile de vaccinare impotriva de gripa a/Hsw1    (ro)
Риски вакцинирования против flu A/H    (ru)
rizici za vakcinaciju protiv gripa A/h1n1    (sr)
Riskerar av vaccination mot influensan A/H1N1    (sv)
ความเสี่ยงต่อการฉีดว    (th)
Riski karşı aşılanması grip A/H1N1    (tr)
کے خطرات کے خلاف حفاظتی ٹیکے h1n1 ب    (ur)
接种的风险反对流感A/H1N1    (zh)

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