Resign before 10th move

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Resign before 10th move

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Kamesh Nookala    (2010-01-24)
Resign before 10th move

Hello HOST,

I didnt know about this forum earlier and posted in the International Chat. I am sorry for that stupid mistake of mine. But the problem which i faced now is this. There is a guy whom i defeated in all 4 meetings where i played vs. him. This poor guy found me yet again and having known by now that he cant beat me, he simply resigned. I have no grievance against him. But in my very first Rapid B tour here at ficgs, i got an advantage of +-1.00 (approx.) vs. a player who simply resigned after my white 10th move. This meant that though I am awarded with a win, yet because my opponent resigned simply instead of playing the 10th move, he denied me earning some elo. That also implies that he saved his elo by simply resigning.

I dont know much above this site as i am pretty new to this. However, i have been already a victim of this sort of activities. For e.g., I could simply resign when i play bad openings and evals dip before 10th move and i can simply save my elo. That means i can simply resign vs. Big Guys as Black and play as Black only vs. weak players.

Just thought to express my views. Rest upto the moderators

Thibault de Vassal    (2010-01-24 20:18:09)
Resign before 10th move

Hi Kamesh, as I replied in the chat bar, it is not possible to save his elo by resigning before the 10th move, he'll lose the same number of points as if he resign at move 24 or 67. Indeed, the game is not rated for the winner before his 10th move, but if you are stronger than your opponents in this category, you'll gain almost the same number of points anyway. This rule is statistically fair, then this is only a question of time.





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