Rent Rybka 4 for 1200


Rent Rybka 4 for $1200

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Daniel Parmet    (2009-12-10)
Rent Rybka 4 for $1200

So I heard Vas is intending to rent Rybka 4 for $1200... is this true? If so... what meteor fried his brains?

Thibault de Vassal    (2009-12-10 19:17:23)
Rent Rybka 4 for $1200

Hi Daniel, in which discussion (at, I guess) did you read that? Google only shows this thread by searching the topic.

Xavier Pichelin    (2009-12-10 22:10:00)
119.95$ not 1200$

For the site the

1) Now Rybka Aquarium 2010+ / Deep Rybka Aquarium 2010+ will include Rybka 3/Deep Rybka 3.

2) Super Bonus. Instead of a right for a free upgrade to Rybka 4 / Deep Rybka 4 you will get a free copy of a professional chess database program Chess Assistant 10 along with Aquarium 2010+!

Daniel Parmet    (2009-12-11 00:31:00)

Renting for ANY cost shows a lack of business sense. People aren't going to pay to rent it. I won't not for $1200 not .01 cents. If I can't buy a copy for less than $100 then its already not a worthy product.

Wayne Lowrance    (2009-12-11 18:26:41)
Rent Rybka4

Well, I have been very vocal on the rybka forum. I have told Vas the rental idea is crazy and I wont subscribe to it. Furthermore I am reluctant to spend my hard earned retirement resources for a dumbed down R4.

Michael Aigner    (2009-12-11 18:58:46)
Rybka + a lot of MIPS

As far as I understood the renting idea is not about renting only the software but Rybka on a very powerfull hardware (a lot of CPUs).

Thibault de Vassal    (2009-12-11 20:32:59)
Rybka + a lot of MIPS

That's not the same thing, it may be worth it in playchess events.

Wayne Lowrance    (2009-12-12 20:07:17)
Rent Rybka

Can you imagine renting Rybka for CC ?, I sure cannot. And even if it is on fast hardware, it will be slowed down by all the activity I would guess. For blitz chess it makes no sense either because of the internet delays. Bah, Vas has flipped his lid.
I would get along just fine here on FICGS without Rybka anyhow. More inportant here is the opening and the skill of the Centaur.

Wayne Lowrance    (2009-12-12 20:13:50)
Renting Rybka

Follow up. I learned a long long time ago that the choice of opening book and move selection is the number one important parameter. Number two is the strength and skill of the Centaur. Here most all is using Rybka as the primary program so it figures that the last dependent variable is centaur skill.