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Thibault de Vassal    (2006-04-14)
Registrations, best of :)

Among players who tried to register with a false name, some of them have a great imagination. I'll post their most funny "contributions" here. If they finally succeed to skirt the filter (me), I'll just say "ok, you won... great. now, what about a game ? :)"

Fischer, Bobby (2900)
Holycron, Kieron

Patrice Verdier    (2006-04-14 16:00:07)
Registrations, best of :)

ahahahaha !!!! Yes funny !

Per Lea    (2006-04-14 21:24:42)
Fancyful nicknames

What about Woody Woodpusher? Was (s)he real?

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-04-16 09:26:47)

Of course not, Woodpusher is the "well known" beginner :)

Paul-Iosif Guralivu    (2006-04-17 18:31:35)
What about my name!

My name in english would be translated like this: Talkative Paul-Joseph... If I were a american, would you let me join ?

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-04-17 18:37:00)

Of course yes. Why not ?

Paul-Iosif Guralivu    (2006-04-18 00:25:05)

I put that quesion more like a joke... Put on the other hadn I asked it, because you didn't let Holycron to join....

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-04-18 00:39:05)
Sorry, Paul-Iosif

But I don't understand.. (must be tired :)) Is there a play on words in your american name ? Kieron Holycron (Quieron holy crown) is ok but...

Paul-Iosif Guralivu    (2006-04-18 13:15:10)
Let's forget every thing.

Talkative means 'the one who speak a lot'.