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Referee Adjudication

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Timothy Cookson    (2023-11-24)
Referee Adjudication

At what point should I ask for an adjudication by tablebase?

Is there a rule for 5-6-7 man syzygy positions? It is a 167DTM position and it does not draw by 50 move rule.

Thibault de Vassal    (2023-11-25 23:15:04)
Referee Adjudication

The later is best :)

Do not forget that 50 moves rule does NOT apply at FICGS.

If there is a checkmate to come, according to the rules: after you ask, your opponent still gets 30 days to play a few moves more. Not everyone uses tablebases and some may want to see how it ends...

Timothy Cookson    (2023-11-26 00:09:20)
Referee Adjudication

Thank you Thibault!

Garvin Gray    (2023-12-02 11:01:06)
Referee Adjudication

And this is a rule that really does need changing. As soon as the 7 man tablebase position has arisen, the player should be able to claim for win or draw and as soon as the result is verified, the game is over.

Allowing the other player to continue playing when the result is clear from the tablebase position is just pointlessly delaying of the game and can lead to claims of dead man defense.

I really do not understand why Thibault sticks with this outdated policy when as soon as the 7 man position arises, the result is clear and the position should be declared as such.

Zbigniew Szczepanski    (2023-12-11 11:50:09)
Referee Adjudication

In ICCF and LSS-Server, when 7 figures are reached, the game ends automatically. Some disadvantaged people are just malicious and continue playing the hopeless game. As a rule, these are people who do not know how to play chess, but only use powerful computers to challenge good chess players. They count on a mistake or the death of their rival. It's a waste of time. 99% of players use engines, databases and tables.

Thibault de Vassal    (2023-12-15 01:51:10)
Referee Adjudication

Well, I thought that a one month limit for the game to finish could satisfy everyone...

IMO, that's quite strange to end a game when some players do NOT use 7-pieces tablebases and still could make mistakes in a winning or drawish position...