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Garvin Gray    (2014-04-21)
Reduction in max days available? (move)

Currently ficgs has a rule that states: 11. 4. Time rules - Any move in any game shall be played in a maximum period of 60 days, otherwise the game will be adjudicated on time.

I think that 60 days is way too long a time period as a maximum limit and would propose that this be halved to 30 days.

This means a player has to play one move in each of their games every 30 days. This does not seem anywhere near onerous to me.

George Clement    (2014-04-21 17:30:07)
Reduction in max days available? (move)

I'll go along with that. Even better would be 20 days!

Timofey Denisov    (2014-04-21 18:33:54)
Reduction in max days available? (move)

40 days, same as in ICCF. 20 days too little if I want finalgening position.

Garvin Gray    (2014-04-22 07:19:49)
Reduction in max days available? (move)

Timofey: Is there a reason why you would choose 40 days instead of 30 days other than- that is how iccf does it?

The rapid time control is the main time control on here and it is 30 days, so that should be the maximum number of days with no move.

Timofey Denisov    (2014-04-22 08:41:34)
Reduction in max days available? (move)

Finalgening position takes many time... maybe after 20 days doubles clock, same as in ICCF. But time forfeit fixes only after 40 days without move, not 30.

Tano-Urayoan Russi Roman    (2014-04-22 18:44:31)
Reduction in max days available? (move)

Garvin, what happens if I want to take a 30 day vacation period? Do I lose the game?

Thibault de Vassal    (2014-04-23 00:10:17)
Reduction in max days available? (move)

Tano-Urayoán is right, changing this limit means changing many things here, while bringing more stress to many players (that I wanted to avoid with this rule)... btw this will not solve the DMD problem.

Garvin Gray    (2014-04-23 15:28:34)
Reduction in max days available? (move)

This is not an attempt to solve the DMD issue, but was just a realisation looking through the rules and my games that 60 days is way too long.

Since 30 days seems to be too short for the rest of the responders, I will agree to 40 if that helps get the number of days shortened.

Thibault de Vassal    (2014-04-27 19:13:49)
Reduction in max days available? (move)

If this is not about the DMD issue, why to increase the level of stress of all players and the number of time forfeits?! If one player from time to time has to play his move on the 39st day instead of the 59st one, he'll probably have some reasons to take the difference for his next move. There was very few (probably a few ones but I can't remember any) complaints on this point during these last... 8 years (damn, already!)

Garvin Gray    (2014-04-29 09:28:37)
Reduction in max days available? (move)

Just before anyone decides to say that I am complaining, or criticising Thibault too much. Or that I am dominating the issue too much (just anticipating some of the comebacks now :) )

I have given others a chance to either agree or disagree with either Thibault or myself, or even to give a different pov/analysis.

I do have a reply to Thibault's reply, but I do feel it is only proper to wait till others have had a decent chance to reply, lest I be accused like I was in another thread of attempting to abuse and dominate the site admin to force my own opinion.

Garvin Gray    (2014-04-29 09:35:01)
Reduction in max days available? (move)

Thib, each sport, should review its rules and conducts every once in a while to see if it is operating to best of its ability for the maximum enjoyment of the membership.

When looking through the rules and thinking about some of the issues here, I noticed that we do have the 60 day maximum play rule, which seems extra-ordinarily long.

That type of time (2 months) is a throwback to the days of email or even postal play, and in my opinion, is way to long for acceptable server play.

I still believe 30 days is the right time frame, but others have proposed 40 and so I am happy to abide by the majority if it gets the time shortened.

What I am concerned about and possibly trying to achieve a little bit, is that it is not acceptable for players to allow their games just to remain in limbo for an unlimited amount of time.

If a person can not make one move in each of their games on this site in 40 days, then perhaps they should be reviewing their participation. It is not fair on their opponents who have to wait around for them and it is not good for the site as a whole which needs games finishing for accurate and reliable ratings.

Costantino Proietti    (2014-05-07 11:07:59)
Reduction in max days available? (move)

I agree with 30 days for any move time limit.
When I played postal chess in ASIGC I was addicted waiting my opponents moves so every day I was looking for new letters. I think the stressed player is that player as kind of me that want to carry on a game without waste of time, not the player that ignores a game as the rules allow this behaviour.

Thibault de Vassal    (2014-05-13 22:43:02)
Reduction in max days available? (move)

In my opinion this time limit by move does not really impact the duration of the game, I really don't see any objective (while I understand subjective ones, of course) reason why it should be reduced. Anyway, as I said before, the whole balance of the rules here -particularly vacation- depend on this one so the whole thing should be rethinked.