Reasons why Facebook can delete profiles

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*gixene    (2010-06-06)
Reasons why Facebook can delete profiles

Hi, do you know the reasons why Facebook could delete my profile?  What are the things to avoid to do?  Will I be warnt before that my account be deleted?  I read that it was not good to make too many friends too fast, is it true?  Why?


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*voruko    (2010-06-06 15:23:52)
Reasons why Facebook can delete profiles

Insults, racism or spam, I guess. Why it wouldn't be authorized to make many friends?

natetive    (2012-10-03 12:27:02)
11 years ago

Facebook has social website and they do that kind of thing just because others would not deceive and make them fooled. That's they so many things to ensure that other will abuse his or her privacy.


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