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Dinesh De Silva    (2007-08-09)
Real names in chess websites

I have some critical suggestions: 1. Chess websites should allow players only to play under their REAL NAMES. Using any nicknames or fake names should be prohibited, as it leads to all sorts of confusion at one point or another. 2. In chess websites, whenever a question of which player to give captaincy arrives, the highest rated player should always be given first choice, UNLESS that player declines or that player has been proven to have broken rules or rules state a specific way of choosing a captain. 3. In chess websites, accusations against any player should be rejected IF there is no clear proof. 4. Players who still continue abusing each other after some warnings should be disqualified/thrown out. There should be no favourations whatsoever. 5. When awarding titles, it should be clearly stated from where the title was earned fom. For example, if a player gets an IM title at Igame, it should be stated as Igame IM.

Jason Repa    (2007-08-09 21:18:31)
real names

I like your idea, and agree. But don't you think it would be a formidable task to authenticate people? The poker sites sometimes get people to fax in a copy of their ID, but that might be a bit difficult to get chess players to do.

Ivan Pljusnin    (2007-08-10 01:06:34)
2 Dinesh De Silva

As an IGAME player I express my opinion. Everything is not so simple!

1. Some strong chessplayers like Morozevich on ICC would not like to show their real names. Should they all be driven away from all chess cites? I am not sure. :-)

2. Your rating-leader is Viktor Savinov, he have not played a single game here. Our rating-leader is Polina. Are you sure that they should be the captains of our teams?

3,4. Legendary chessplayers like Viktor Kortchnoj or Bobby Fischer are sometimes abusive. But I am not sure that they should be driven away.

5. There is no any titles on IGAME. We are anonymous Russian amateours.

In general, I think that chess cites of all kinds are necessary and useful. And a chessplayer must have a choice: FICGS, IGAME, ICCF, GAMEKNOT, PLAYCHESS.DE, CHESSHERE and so on. Each cite has its own customs and traditions.

By the way, it makes matches between them more interesting. I believe in IGAME anonymous fighters. :-)

Best wishes, Mobutu (my IGAME nickname)

Charlie Neil    (2007-08-10 19:06:19)
Real Names

"Play the board not the man!" Is that not an old proverb? I play on another site, (or two) under a nickname. Chess should be fun and then a serious sport/game/art/science, Morozevitch and those like him play on those sites for 'fun'. And they relish the anonymity. Every large tournament will see a corner occupied with players having 'fun' blitz games between rounds. Legends such as M Tal, Karpov even Fischer had their 'fun' games. (Sorry for calling Tolya a Legend, but he is a living legend.) We all come here for our own reasons but mostly to play chess, (and Go) We know when we sign up here it must be on our real names. What's the problem? Some Websites charge a Fee, ICC for example. Ficgs doesn't.

Andrew Stephenson    (2007-08-11 23:49:31)
Real names and databases

Do games with fictitious names ever get into databases like Mega Corre etc? I get the feeling that chess sites that use nicknames dont get onto databases so the games are less accesible maybe even lost?

Ivan Pljusnin    (2007-08-12 01:41:19)
2 Andrew Stephenson

In fact there is a database of IGAME games in pgn format, about 400000 games. Formally speaking, it is not free: you have to register and buy membership and then you can download it. But somewhere it can be downloaded for free, I remember. If you wish I can give you a link, but I have to find it.

Our administrator does not send our games to MEGA Corre or any other chess databases, I am sure. From this point of view FICGS is much better.