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Rating / 8-game match

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Wolfgang Utesch    (2006-10-23)
Rating / 8-game match

Hello Thibault, it doesn't make any sense to count all results for the rating, independent whether generated by playing out or forfeits about time issues. At least one rating seems to be very excessive affected by this practise in the FICS Chess Championship! Wolfgang

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-10-23 18:00:29)
Rating / 8-game match

Hello Wolfgang. (FICGS, not FICS ;))

In these 1st FICGS WCH quarter finals, there were 2 forfeit cases & 1 match with 6 games out of 8 lost on time. In the first 2 cases, not all games were rated as a win (according to the 8-game match rule), the last case was a bit different but as far as I remember, the winner had a better position (winning or small advantage) in all games... Anyway, ratings wouldn't change significantly if 2 wins were not rated.

The real question is about 8-game matchs & fast time control 30 days + 1 day / move (quite hard). There's no perfect rule & particular cases could happen, but that's really interesting IMO & the number of games with rapid time controls are probably enough to balance ratings in time. We'll see...

Anyway, several players were surprised by the difficulty of this time control, I hope it won't happen again during the next cycle (that should start in january)...

Peter Schuster    (2006-10-24 12:57:17)
Rating / 8-game-match

Hallo Wolfgang, ich fuehle mich durch Deinen Beitrag angesprochen. Alle meine Spiele sollten fuer das Rating gewertet werden. Dass SF Cinca ein sehr unangenehmer Mensch (ich hatte leider in einem GM-Normturnier schon mal mit Ihm zu tun) und aeusserst unsportlicher Gegner ist, kann nicht mir angelastet werden. Nach 2 Remis stand ich in 2 weitern Partien klar auf Gewinn und haette keines der restlichen Spiele verloren. Als er das eingesehen hat, hat er einfach aufgehoehrt zu ziehen und seine Zeit ablaufen lassen. Ich hoffe, dass solche Unsportlichkeit auch entsprechend bestraft wird. Viele Gruesse Peter

Wolfgang Utesch    (2006-10-24 20:14:40)
Rating / 8-game match

Hallo Peter, nein - du warst nicht gemeint - dein Rating ist vollauf verdient! Ich meinte das stark gestiegene Rating von Balabaev. Gru▀, Wolfgang ........................................................ Hello Peter, no - I didn't mean you - your rating is hard earned! I meant the considerable increase of rating of Balabaev. Greetings, Wolfgang

Farit Balabaev    (2006-10-25 08:28:49)
Rating / 8-game match

Hello Wolfgang, Thank you for the message. 1. John resigned 8 games 2. If you see carefully these 8 games, you make certain of in games 1793,1797,1798 I have a decisive advantage, in games 1791,1792,1794,1796 I have the upper hand, the game 1795 is even (as was established in game Lautier-Leko Batumi 1999) As a result, expected score might be between 7,5 : 0,5 and 5,5 : 2,5 up to me Best , Farit.

Wolfgang Utesch    (2006-10-25 12:32:12)
Rating / 8-game match

Hello Farit, the problem with rating of contests by duels is a generally: If one player knows that the whole duel is no to win he will abandon all games - independent from the particular situation in all of the open games! Greetings, Wolfgang

Dinesh De Silva    (2006-10-25 12:55:01)
Re: Rating / 8-game match........

What Utesch says is quite true. But of course it's not the fault of the players of the duels. Simply, the duels system does seem to be a flawed concept!

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-10-25 13:37:13)
Rating / 8-game match

Anyway this result is quite unusual in correspondence chess... :)

Conditions were best to realize such an increase of rating, and a part of the forfeit reasons are probably out of the match (a flag gate)... 6 games out of 8 were rated as a win in this match between Farit & John, with no other result for Farit when the rating calculation occured. It happened, it can happen, I think it won't happen often (I would be surprised if such a case occurs in semi-finals) but in all ways : That's great ! .. IMO :)

There's a part of "injustice" in all most watched sports and games, it's an essential element ! .. The biggest one 'strangely' is in soccer. At another level, chess stars choose their tournaments and manage their FIDE rating, remember ie. this match Etienne Bacrot (2470) vs. Vassily Smyslov (2510, wch) in Albert, with this result 5-1

An obvious, topical and nearer example : FIDE classical (old) world championship system is deeply unfair (for the challenger) but it MUST be kept !

As I said above, the concept (added to fast time control) may create some - rare - rating peaks, but effects are limited and I'm convinced it's interesting enough to try it.

To be continued... in a few years ? ;)

Don Burden    (2006-10-26 02:32:25)
Rating / 8-game-match

Seems to me that the large jump in ratings is the result of a problem, where the root problem seems to be that there are just way too many players on here that for whatever reason just drop out and don't want to finish their games. Don't know how you would fix that.

In my WCH Stage 1 section that I just finished, two of the top 3 rated players in my section both gave up and quit. One player without playing a single move. The rules say that in the case of tied scores, only the higher rated player advances. There are two players in my section, myself and another, both finishing with 5.5 points out of 6. I think that's a pretty good score, but apparently it's not good enough because only one advances. If all 7 players had played all games to completion, the chances of having a clear winner, and a final score somewhat lower than 5.5 out of 6 would have been much greater.

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-10-26 15:20:20)
Re: Rating / 8-game-match

That's not right.

These quarter finals are particular cases because there were no forfeit before move 10 in all games... (games with less than 10 moves played are not rated for the winner) That's why there's a special rule 'general forfeit' for 8+ games matches.

Moreover, the waiting list for the 1st FICGS WCH remained open from april to july, maybe it was a too long period, that's why the waiting list for the 2nd FICGS WCH (that could begin in january) is still closed.