RYBKA 4 UCI available in May


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Xavier Pichelin    (2010-04-13)
RYBKA 4 UCI available in May

Forum Rybka :De Vasik Rajlich Date 2010-04-11 07:47 Some information about Rybka 4:

- Rybka 4 will be a normal UCI engine, without copy protection, and will be available in the first part of May.
- There will be separate single-processor and multi-processor versions.
- Full chess analysis packages which include Rybka 4 will be made by ChessBase (www.chessbase.com) and Convekta/ChessOK (www.chessok.com).
- Plain Rybka 4 UCI without GUI for download only will be available from RybkaChess (www.rybkachess.com).
- All of these versions of Rybka 4 will be identical and can be used in any UCI-compliant GUI.
- The Rybka 4 book by Jiř Dufek will be available as a separate item from both ChessBase and Convekta. The two versions of the book will be 'essentially identical', although in different formats.
- Rybka 4 book compatibility will work as follows:
* ChessBase software users will require the ChessBase version of the book.
* Aquarium users can use either version of the book.
* Other software users are encouraged to upgrade their chess software.

Thibault de Vassal    (2010-04-13 13:13:07)
RYBKA 4 UCI available in the first part

Thanks for the great news!

I just wonder why "without copy protection" and why it is specified... or was he convinced by the "Bill Gates/Microsoft" strategy as well?