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Wayne Lowrance    (2010-05-16)
Quick review Chess Engines

Howdy, Rybka 4 Beta 5 is out for beta testing. It is much too early to draw conclusions regarding elo strength. So far it is not looking great.
Many of the bugs from R3 are at present in R5 beta. For example the tablebase bug, bishop under promotion still not fixed, 5.04/5.12 bug tree search is reportedly still there.
In addition It is said to have severe time problem.
This is a summary of what I have been reading. But, these reports are beta remember. So R4 may still be top program after release.
In the mean time Stockfish and fire are 2 programs that are right there with rybka3 and maybe a little stronger. On my computer testing R3 is still tops.
Now, there is a new program, Houdini is available. I downloaded it this morning and have been running eng-eng matches with R3, 2 threads. So far Houdini is holding it's own. You can download the program here.
I think CC players now have many equally strong engines available to help with their Centaur abilities and should be interesting to see the progressions Wayne

Wayne Lowrance    (2010-05-16 21:44:15)
Quick review Chess Engines

Ooops I made a bad reference R5 beta s/b of course, R4 Beta
My bad

Wayne Lowrance    (2010-05-18 17:05:05)
Quick review Chess Engines

And now, it is being talked that the engine is a rybka clone and therefore it's name cannot be mentioned in the Rybka forum.