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Marc Lacrosse    (2008-07-05)
Qualification information ?

Because i did not realise that I had qualified for two WCh tournaments I recently enrolled for a third one and had three tournaments beginning almost simultaneously in january, which proved to be too much for me.
And now the deadline for the next Wch (005)is approaching and it just seems that i will win WCH_STAGE_1_GROUP_M_01__000004.
So I am hesitating : when will Wch-004 next stage begin ?
I do not wish anymore to have more than one tournament starting almost at the same time.

More generally speaking, I wish I could get the following infos permanently updated on my "My messages" page :

* I enrolled for a tournament of type X on date Y. Presently there are already Z players enrolled for this tournament.
* I registered for championship X on date Y. this is supposed to start on date Z.
* In tournament Wch-X my present result ensures (or leaves the possibility open) that I will be qualified for next stage tournament that is supposed to begin on date Y.

Your opinion ?


Thibault de Vassal    (2008-07-05 21:58:53)
Qualification information

Hi Marc, next stages of previous championships will start at the same time, or a few days/weeks after, actually as soon as possible.

Your idea is interesting, not much time right now but let's see what other players think about that.

Anyway, anyone who wants to retire from the waiting list may send a message to me before the start of the tournaments.