Poker for epoints


Poker for e-points?

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Paul Campanella    (2013-09-15)
Poker for e-points?

Any update on whether or not poker games played for e-points will be allowed?

Thibault de Vassal    (2013-09-16 00:41:53)
Poker for e-points?

Unfortunately, things haven't evolved much in France on that topic, so it's unlikely to happen before a while.

Garvin Gray    (2013-09-20 09:25:56)
Poker for e-points?

I see this debate/topic quite often. In most countries the only way poker can be played for currency is if it is in tournament style.

Just like chess, tennis anything. As long as the prizes at the end go to the best performers.

Paul Campanella    (2013-10-01 00:12:30)
Poker for e-points?

But technically ePoints aren't exactly "money", right? Isn't there some sort of loophole?

Paul Campanella    (2013-10-01 00:13:12)
Poker for e-points?

It would also make the poker games more interesting because it would most likely make people think twice before making crazy and/or foolish moves in the game.