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Poker Software?

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Scott Nichols    (2010-01-05)
Poker Software?

This has come up alot recently. I'm sure there are many claims by new programs that tout their analytical ability. Sure they could give you the best statistical move, but could they bluff? I think their play would be predictable and easy to beat. I don't use them and wouldn't trust them. Just one man's opinion, any others?

Nick Burrows    (2010-01-05 05:13:56)
Poker Software?

I think they could be very effective at playing lots of low-level sit n go's.
Bad play is easily beaten with a simple system.
They would be useless in mtt's or against good players, where you need more sublety, bluffs & traps based on the observed patterns of your opponents.

Thibault de Vassal    (2010-01-05 07:40:22)
Poker Software?

There was several discussions on poker engines, one is there :

I can't find the thread where someone talked about a match between a poker engine & a world champion but as far as I can remember, the poker engine won! Anyway I'm quite sure that a program may play quite good poker now. The question is how it could "understand" a complete situation like here with 3 winning rounds and so on...

Nick Burrows    (2010-01-05 07:52:00)
Poker Software?

There is a big difference between heads-up play & full table games. In heads-up the computers can apply perfect game theory

There have been a few human vs poker heads-up challenges with inconclusive results.