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A. Wosch, 2481
M. Broniek, 2450


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Poker Min Bid

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Daniel Parmet    (2010-03-11)
Poker Min Bid

I don't think you should be able to bid less than the blind... bidding one when the blind is two seems wrong.

Don Groves    (2010-03-11 05:25:31)
Poker Min Bid

It's not illegal but why would any poker player do that?

Garvin Gray    (2010-03-12 05:02:35)
Poker Min Bid

Having watched quite a few poker tournaments on TV, I have seen quite a few instances where players have been told that the minimum bid is a certain amount. This is usually the amount of the big blind.

I think this change would speed up some of the games and does make sense, to me at least.

Don Groves    (2010-03-12 06:52:06)
Poker Min Bid

It doesn't make much sense to me to bet less than the pot. If you feel you have the better hand, bet at least the pot amount. Otherwise, you are giving the other guy better odds to chase you. A smaller bet may entice the other guy to call with a losing hand, but most players here are too smart to fall for that.

Thibault de Vassal    (2010-03-12 18:38:47)
Poker Min Bid

In some cases I guess that there is no other choice than to bet less than the big or small blind !?

Even if players have no reason to do that, I preferred to offer the choice... maybe I was wrong, maybe it will be changed, not a big deal IMO.

Daniel Parmet    (2010-03-12 20:58:06)
Poker Min Bid

This is correct. In professional poker, you cannot bid less than the big blind. So if the big blind is 2, you cannot bid one (unless you are going all in cause 1 is all you have).

Svante Carl von Erichsen    (2010-03-13 00:09:43)
Poker Min Bid

Actually, since this is heads-up, one player is always small blind, the other big blind. If the small blind is 1, and the big blind 2, that means that this amount is already in the pot when the players get their hole cards. It is then still the first betting round, so the small blind can then "complete" for 1 (so that his bet in this betting round is now 2), or raise to at least double the big blind. See No-Limit Rules:

Strategically, the bets should always be seen in relation to the current potsize. This follows from the calculation of odds and outs. It cannot be said that you should at least always bet potsize.

Daniel Parmet    (2010-03-13 01:59:56)
Poker Min Bid

Completing the blind is not what i'm talking about. I'm talking about bidding one at the flop. This is not legal at tournaments. Completing the flop is actual a bid of two. You just did it in two steps (first small blind, then the last chip).

Svante Carl von Erichsen    (2010-03-13 11:26:41)
Poker Min Bid

Yes, we agree there; the situation I was describing is the only in which only a single chip would be transferred to the pot. Minimum bet is always a big blind. Minimum raise is always the size of the previous bet of the betting round.

Thibault de Vassal    (2010-03-13 21:24:37)
Poker Min Bid

Well, it seems that I often like to change well established rules, sorry :) .. I'm not sure if this change is necessary or not, I understand that "official" holdem no-limit rules have been designed to speed up the game but I quite like to play with the current FICGS rules.

Do you all think that it should be changed for the ruleset mentioned by Svante Carl?

Daniel Parmet    (2010-03-14 21:31:47)
Poker Min Bid

If its not much trouble, then I definitely think it should be changed. It would speed the games up a little too.

If its trouble, I say forget it. I don't know what kind of time commitment it takes for you to make this change.

Thibault de Vassal    (2010-04-04 23:24:51)
Poker Min Bid

Back to this discussion... Still wondering what is best. If the minimal bet is the big blind, it will speed up the games for sure, but as a consequence it may decrease the "depth" of the games, I mean that the chancy factor is directly related to the minimal bet IMO, so ratings may be (even) less accurate. Anyway, I envisage this change, just would like to read some opinions on this.

Garvin Gray    (2010-04-05 16:48:43)
Poker Min Bid

There is also the other side of the story about rating accuracy in this situation where if players are getting bored with how long the games are taking because things just go back and forth, then they are less likely to play.

This leads to more inaccurate ratings. I think it would be easier to get more accurate ratings by there being many games against different opponents, even if each individual game is not perfect because the minimum bid has been increased.





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