Please link to FICGS


Please link to FICGS

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Thibault de Vassal    (2006-11-16)
Please link to FICGS

Dear friends, you may know how it is important for a website to be linked from other places on the internet since Google created his famous ranking system Pagerank...

FICGS has got about 1,000 links so far (not too bad after 7 months) for a Pagerank 5, but the more links, the more players !

Feel free to link to FICGS from your website, blog, in forums and so on...

You may contact me - info (at) - if you have a chess or Go related website, so that I add it in the file that displays random links at the bottom of each game page, ie.

A link written one of these ways would be very appreciated :

<a href=" " title="Correspondence Chess Server">FICGS</a>
<a href=" " title="Chess Server">FICGS chess server</a>
<a href=" " title="Go Server">FICGS Go server</a>
<a href=" " title="Chess forum">FICGS chess forum</a>
<a href=" " title="Wikichess">Wikichess</a>

Thanks in advance !