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Player of the Year

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George Jempty    (2016-09-02)
Player of the Year

I've been thinking it would be interesting to have nominations for a "Player of the Year" that FICGS members could then vote on. Qualifications could be listed in a manner similar to the following:

1) 15 wins, 13 draws and 0 losses since Oct 2015
2) Rating increase of nearly 250 points (1904-2152) during same time period
3) As 1904 player finished tied for second with score of 4/6 in tournament where average rating was 2041
4) Won a standard B tournament with score of 5.5/6 and a performance rating of 2332
5) Guaranteed tie for first place in a standard A tournament (currently tied for first and is playing in the one remaining game in the tourney against someone one point behind)
6) Currently leading stage 1 group of 2016 World Championship with score of 5/5
7) Finished tied for first in Rapid M tournament for which it was necessary to buy a ticket because TER of 2077 being below normal minimum of 2100

Yes I'm bragging on myself more than a little bit, but still I think that the listed qualifications are pretty objective

Ilmars Cirulis    (2016-09-04 22:53:44)
Player of the Year

Just be underrated, that works. :P

George Jempty    (2016-09-07 13:58:50)
Player of the Year

Yeah well I'm 2014 USCF which is how I started on FICGS a few years ago but I lost several games on time when I lost interest in chess in general. But regardless if the above is about me or not, it represents a good way to write up the qualifications I think

Ilmars Cirulis    (2016-09-08 14:43:20)
Player of the Year

Which of your games in this year you would choose as the best?

Jan Ohlin    (2016-09-08 20:16:14)
Player of the Year

Anyhow, it could be a good idea to have a topic in the forum where it is allowed to brag about one's own excellence. Maybe also a way to make the "best game" more worth reading, it´s so very boring now.

George Jempty    (2016-09-09 17:56:01)
Player of the Year

The game I am the most proud of the past 12 months is a draw against Ortiz in the first tournament mentioned above. I got a poor position with a poor opening and around move 30 was down around 0.6 to 0.7.

I took all 45 days of my vacation before December 31st and devoted almost all my analysis to this one game, with a new 8-core, 32 GB RAM machine, as well as buying Komodo 9.3 (I'm now up to 10.1). Ortiz did not play so accurately and by move 45 the engine evaluated me as completely even in a few lines but they were complicated and I was much lower on time than my opponent.

However I found a forcing line of about a dozen moves that the engine thought was inferior, but I knew was a dead drawn ending: R+2P vs. R+3P all on the same side of the board, with me also having a sufficiently active rook. So I went for this simpler solution which also let me gain time on the clock as I'd analyzed everything out beforehand. Finally after about a dozen moves in the ending Ortiz offered the draw.

Thibault de Vassal    (2016-09-12 17:40:02)
Player of the Year

Yeah, good idea to find such objective criterias. I hope it will be possible to code a few ones.