Piece Values in Big Chess


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Lazaro Munoz    (2010-01-29)
Piece Values in Big Chess

I am amazed at the number of opponents that are still applying piece value from regular chess in big chess.

I made some regression analysis based on what we value in regular chess in terms of mobility and applied to big chess. Using the pawn and knight as the standard since in both games 3 pawns will probably beat a knight (if they are separated far enough). I assigned the pawn the value of 1 and and knight a value of 3 and extrapolated variables that we seem to use in valuing the other pieces such as number of squares it can reach, and penalty for being stuck on the same color.

I got the following values:

Bishop=7 **

** The bishop value changes by pairs available, for example 4 white square bishops don't even come close to value 2 white squares and 2 black squares bishops so this is best value but it can go down to 6 or even 5 as pairs are lost.

Interesting, just like in chess a rook+bishop almost equals a queen and two rooks beat a queen. And a queen equals the value of the pawns (ok similar).

I still find opponents who exchange bishops for knights with impunity, not knowing the true values of the pieces.

I notice that nobody has ever mentioned this. I hope I did not give out some deep secret.

Of course you mileage may vary.


Luc-Olivier Leclerc    (2010-01-29 07:10:50)
Piece Values in Big Chess

well. Some ending may really hard.

just like bishop versus knight, I don't think it would be easy to win.

of curse, do it if you got your queen trapped. man,

I love this game, we all start with four weak pawns. and lose at least 1.