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Wolfgang Utesch    (2008-12-24)
Pichelin - Utesch


Xavier Pichelin    (2008-12-24 10:58:55)
Pichelin - Utesch

Congratulations!! Wolfgang! I wish you good Games in the First Championship FICGS. I wish you a merry Christmas !!! Best Regards, Xavier.

Thibault de Vassal    (2008-12-24 14:19:19)
Pichelin - Utesch

Hi Wolfgang. Congratulations... Two very different styles to meet in a marathon 12 games match ! .. I'm impatient to see it.

Have a nice preparation :)

Merry Christmas to you all.

Hannes Rada    (2008-12-24 19:55:24)

Wolfgang for reaching the first final ! However also congratulations for Francois who seems to be a little bit unlucky, because he managed to draw the competition but could not reach the final. @ Thibault "Two very different styles" Can you be a little bit more specific ? What do you think is the difference in those styles ? When does the final start ? Merry Christmas to all FICGS members !

Wolfgang Utesch    (2008-12-25 19:24:04)
Thank you, ...

... but I'm knowing, that my "win" over Francois was not convincing. I was playing with the rules on my side - in final will be the rules on side of Xavier! Merry christmas for all!

Hannes Rada    (2008-12-25 21:12:07)
Game 1

looked very promising for White. Without deeper looking into the position I thought that white is going to win here. But than I found that black has perpetual check due to his pair of rooks. With only 1 rook on booth side, i think white should win. Wolfang, have you analysed a possible exchange of rooks at move no. 51 51. Rb7 instead of 51. a4 ? I did not analyse this position, but at first sight this seems to be a good chance for winning this game. Can you comment this ?

Wolfgang Utesch    (2008-12-26 08:56:58)
Game 1

Hi Hannes, I think position is after 51.Rb7 Rxb7 52.Bxb7 f4 = (i.e. 53.c5 Rf1 54.Ba6 Re1 55.a4 f3 56.a5 f2 57.Bb5 f1Q 58.Bxf1 Rxf1 59.b4 = key position!). Four pawns are not enough against the rook about the bad king position - surprising! Also 53.a4 Rd7 or 53.b4 Rd3 are not better!

Hannes Rada    (2008-12-26 11:19:40)
Game 1

Yes you are right Wolfang. In the key position 4 extra pawns are not enough against the rook in the key position. Quite interesting.

Thibault de Vassal    (2008-12-26 20:26:06)
Pichelin - Utesch

Hi Hannes, as far as I experienced, Xavier is an excellent chess player, beyond Rybka & chess engines, with a very good understanding of the game and very efficient ideas, also in quiet positions. Wolfgang is able to make very deep & accurate analysis in complex or strange positions while playing fastly, really hard to play. Moreover both have a coherent, maybe different, global match strategy.

In my opinion, we may see quite surprising and long games, that could be decided in a way since the opening, I mean psychology could be the key in such a match. The way the pieces will be dealt may show some things.

50 / 50 :)