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L. Fric, 2273
M. Massimini Gerbino, 2297


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Nick Burrows    (2009-04-29)
Past game search

To look at an opponents past games, i click on the magnifying glass>games>individual game.
Then to look at the next one i have to close the window and repeat the above process for each new game
Is there a faster way?

Thibault de Vassal    (2009-04-29 21:12:36)
Player games search

You may use the right-click "open in a new window" for each game... or download the FICGS database (in Search games - by the way you may use Search games by specifying the name of your opponent) then view the games in Chessbase or.. or.. :)

Nick Burrows    (2009-04-29 21:17:24)

Thanks Thib - its easy when you know how!

Thibault de Vassal    (2009-04-29 21:59:19)
Player games search

Right.. not a mockery, I know that the site is not clear enough on such things, sometimes there are so many ways, but none is really obvious :)

Normajean Yates    (2009-04-30 05:54:40)
games search is much easier than...

deciding on the best move, even with engine assistance :)

Don Groves    (2009-04-30 08:10:35)
Game search

One feature I would like to see is to simply type a game number into the search box as an option to typing a player name.

Thibault de Vassal    (2009-04-30 12:01:12)
Game search

Did you try to type a number in the search field just below the menu ? ;)

Scott Nichols    (2009-04-30 19:44:44)
Game search

So that is what that little box is for? ;-)

Thibault de Vassal    (2009-04-30 22:45:51)
Search field

Not only, you may also search a line in Wikichess or a post in the forums by using it... (as far as I remember :))

Don Groves    (2009-05-01 00:20:56)
game search

No, I stupidly tried the "Search games" menu item ;-)

Scott Nichols    (2009-05-01 00:52:27)
Good one Don

That was a good one! I was going to bring up the "senility" issue, but thought better of it. ;-)

Normajean Yates    (2009-05-01 04:22:07)
only, searches dont give transpositions

Or do they, now? Have the hashtables been implemented? (in wikichess search and in game-search by movelist)

Thibault de Vassal    (2009-05-01 20:37:34)

no, transpositions have not been implemented yet :/ patience, patience...

Normajean Yates    (2009-05-02 00:56:55)
I am patient !

- will remind once very 6 months :)

Another suggestion: let's some of us become free members of some online chess-games database site; so that we can post there to suggest including ficgs games - then transposition problem will be solved at least for completed games... just search that database site..

I use among others - I suggest some of us lobby for including ficgs games. After all, these are much higher-than-average quality as these are engine+human (=centaur) games...





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