PageRank export : January 2010

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thibault    (2010-01-04)


PageRank export : January 2010

Hello everyone and my best wishes for the new year!

It seems that Google just launched a new PageRank export, formerly called the GoogleDance, so you may have seen the small green bar changing for many of your pages, particularly for the new ones.

As usual it seems that most pages linked from the index page have about the same PageRank (most often minus one) than the index page if it contains about a hundred links or less.

Did you notice big changes compared to the previous PageRank exports?  This is a good time to try to identify the new penalties granted by the most known search engine in the world.

Here is a list of PageRanks for a few well known websites : - 9 - 9 - 9 - 9 - 9

Yahoo - N/A (yet)

(more options below)

*d2274c    (2010-01-10 21:59:25)
PageRank export : January 2010

I saw a boost for most of my sites.
But ht*p:// still remains at zero.

*68fe00    (2010-03-10 17:38:03)

ข้อมูล นำเข้า ส่งออก
import export

cruz55    (2011-02-22 08:56:05)
11 years ago

I must say that my searching ends here.
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PageRank ihracat : Ocak 2010    (tr)
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PageRank出口: 2010年1月    (zh)

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