PHP split or explode ?

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*phpsplit    (2009-04-07)
PHP split or explode ?


Recently I've encountered a problem with the PHP split() function when the string to split in an array was really big. I did not find a solution, so I divided the string in several parts, really awful !

I read that the split() and explode() functions were the same ones so I tried to use explode() instead and surprise surprise now it works fine. I can't explain.

What's the problem with the split() function ?  Aren't the code the same one for both functions ??  Is it recommended to avoid to use the split() function and other PHP functions ?

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*jatino    (2011-02-11 17:37:28)
PHP split or explode ?

break out the data values in the string $phrase='one--two--three--four' into an array variable $word

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