PHP explode()

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thibault    (2009-04-09)


PHP explode()

array explode (string $delimiter , string $string [, int $limit])

The explode() function returns an array of strings, all of these strings are a substring of string located after and before the delimiter in string.

In example :


$string = 'This is an example.';

$string_exploded = explode(' ',$string);

print $string_exploded[0]; // Outputs 'This'
print $string_exploded[1]; // Outputs 'is'
print $string_exploded[2]; // Outputs 'an'
print $string_exploded[3]; // Outputs 'example.'


If the limit parameter is a positive integer, the array returned as a result will contain at most $limit elements. Note that the last element will contain the rest of string.

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*ugh    (2009-06-16 12:40:02)
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*9c4773    (2010-03-04 04:46:12)
13 years ago


for($i=1; $i<=5; ++$i)


echo $ma;


*pepebo    (2010-06-14 11:20:31)
12 years ago

great example thx, its really cool this programming language

*govuze    (2010-07-02 14:18:11)
12 years ago

you give fantastic example, thanks

*xilixo    (2010-07-28 17:43:23)
12 years ago

$str = "Hello world. It's a beautiful day.";
print_r (explode(" ",$str));

*rudemo    (2010-10-22 13:15:05)
PHP explode()


$string = 'This is an example.';

$string_exploded = explode(' ',$string);

print $string_exploded[0]; // Outputs 'This'
print $string_exploded[1]; // Outputs 'is'
print $string_exploded[2]; // Outputs 'an'
print $string_exploded[3]; // Outputs 'example.'


*bupaji    (2010-12-03 08:01:56)
12 years ago

it greate to understand very useful to understand

*jecoto    (2011-04-18 11:05:52)
11 years ago


$string = 'This is an example.';

$string_exploded = explode(' ',$string);

print $string_exploded[0]; // Outputs 'This'
print $string_exploded[1]; // Outputs 'is'
print $string_exploded[2]; // Outputs 'an'
print $string_exploded[3]; // Outputs 'example.'


*gicuba    (2011-07-22 12:54:10)
11 years ago

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*fexadu    (2012-03-08 11:08:02)
PHP explode()

PHP String Reference Complete PHP String Reference. Definition and Usage. The explode() function breaks a string into an array.

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