PHP count occurencies

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*e5eadd    (2009-03-24)
PHP count occurencies

Hi all,

I would like to know if there is a php function that allow to count the number of occurencies for a character or string in another string.

Do you know such a function ?  It would most probably be much faster than to explode / split an array then count the number of elements of this array.


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*forchy    (2010-01-21 23:28:50)
PHP count occurencies

Um, if you mean for example

$str = "Hello world!, it's nice world!";

and you would like to know how often "world!" occurs in the string, just use substr_count.

$count = substr_count($str,"world");

visit the manual ;)

arnold    (2012-06-10 09:07:05)
10 years ago

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*zedika    (2019-02-27 07:59:11)
4 years ago

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*mofuro    (2019-03-08 07:37:33)
4 years ago

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