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William Taylor    (2018-06-02)
Order games load in

Hi Thib,

Currently when we make a move in a game, another loads automatically afterwards which may or may not be of the same type. Personally I like to make moves in all of my Go games (for example), followed by all of my big chess games, rather than switching between games. What do you think about changing the algorithm which determines which game loads next to facilitate this?



Thibault de Vassal    (2018-06-02 23:38:07)
Order games load in

Hi Will,

Actually, there is an option for that already, but it may be not clear enough (unless being curious by mouseovering all pics):

Did you try to click the pics just after "Your pending games." ?

William Taylor    (2018-06-06 23:18:06)
Order games load in

Thanks - that partially works, but not being able to separate chess and big chess is still annoying (for me). I understand adding another icon for big chess might be confusing for some though (people who don't play big chess).

Thibault de Vassal    (2018-06-06 23:42:34)
Order games load in

Yes, you said it all... Could be better but I still don't know how :/