Open entry tournament


Open entry tournament

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Garvin Gray    (2008-06-02)
Open entry tournament

Hello Thibault,

Have been thinking for a while that it might be an idea to set up a tournament where everyone enters and then groups are decided strictly in rating order.

So the top nine? players in rating order play each other, followed by the next nine and so forth.

Have been thinking that this might be worth a try to alleviate the issue of players not entering a waiting list when they are just under the rating cut off.


1) Players will get to play against a full field of similarly rated players

2) Players will not know ahead of time where they will be in the nine player division, so hopefully they will not avoid entering because they are just under the rating cut off.

Thibault de Vassal    (2008-06-02 21:03:24)
Leagues ?

If this tournament is a multi-stage one, I suppose it looks like the leagues(?) system (kind of championship like in soccer), where the 2 top players in each tournament could replace 2 players in the tournament above :/


1) Players will not know which division they'll play.

2) Harder to organize automatically.

Interesting to discuss anyway !

Garvin Gray    (2008-06-03 15:06:41)
One division or maybe league play.

Mine was just a one tournament suggestion as a trial and did not envisage any kind of league concept. Thought it might help with the rating entry problems talked about in many threads.

But that has potential too. I thought this was worth a go as a single tournament ie no leagues.

If it succeeds and is popular, then it can go from there. If it fails, so be it, it just disappears into the ether like all other dud ideas.