Online Mod Rewrite :: Nice and Simple

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oceaniana    (2007-05-06)
Online Mod Rewrite :: Nice and Simple

For all those that like to try mod rewrite but have found problems here is a nice simple to use online mod rewite tool


Just be sure to take full advantage of it that you click on the links called "Parameters" "Prefix" "Delimiters" "Suffix" to make use of its full power :)

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*xafede    (2013-09-08 18:52:10)
Online Mod Rewrite :: Nice and Simple

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chcaim44    (2015-01-04 16:57:37)
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*kavuso    (2019-08-01 20:51:17)
4 years ago


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*fezoti    (2019-08-29 18:52:16)
4 years ago

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