Notes for WBCCC Round 2

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Game result  (chess)

A. Wosch, 2481
M. Broniek, 2450


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Notes for WBCCC Round 2

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Jimmy Huggins    (2011-03-10)
Notes for WBCCC Round 2

With the last game about to come to a close. I wanted to remember everyone that the next round is going to be starting sometime next week. At some point today Garvin will talk about the next pairings. When they are official released. I will start making the next game links available. Directly for what games you want to see.

Players please give some input about the starting time for Round 2 if you have an opinion :)

Daniel Parmet    (2011-03-10 18:31:31)
Notes for WBCCC Round 2

I assume you mean remind not remember ;)

Rodolfo d Ettorre    (2011-03-11 07:13:18)
Notes for WBCCC Round 2

That's interesting, in Spanish and Italian the same word is used for remind and remember...

Sebastian Boehme    (2011-03-11 10:21:26)
Notes for WBCCC Round 2

Remember might be a little more "slangish", but yes remind is how I know it.
Anyway please bear with Jimmy, he is a good TD. ;-)

Jimmy Huggins    (2011-03-11 11:17:24)
Notes for WBCCC Round 2

Well Spell check doesn't cover for grammar when you are typing to quickly. ;)





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