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Wayne Lowrance    (2007-01-19)
Nigel davies This very interesting link provided here on FICS is good reading "chess Cafe" The article by Nigel is very interesting and informing. I find it very interesting that he uses Fritz as his analysis partner here on Fics. Speaks volumes for Fritz I think. I have had Fritzies for long long time starting with Fritz5, and have learned a lot that has helped me with OTB as with Nigel. I would love to find out what Nigel thinks about the latest releases of other chess engines. Sad to hear him say he no longer has time for coorespondence chess. The loss is mine and all of you. Wayne

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-01-19 09:31:40)
+1 ;)

FICGS, Wayne... FICS is Free Internet Chess Server @

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-01-19 10:25:53)
Correspondence chess

As I wrote to Nigel, correspondence chess teaches 'best' moves, probably not best chess IMO... I'm not sure at all this is the way a GM (should) play.

Definitely it's a very different game and we must keep an over the board vision of the game if we still want to play exciting games and avoid quick dead draw positions. (look at the games of Wladyslav Krol in example :)) .. Chess engines are a very important tool, so think different. A full debate.. to be continued...

Nigel Davies    (2007-01-20 07:42:54)
Correspondence Chess

Hi Thibault, I picked up your message and I would agree in terms that an OTB player should not try to play 'perfectly'. The point of my article was that correspondence chess can help cure OTB players of becoming 'too practical' at the expense of good moves. A lot of OTB players will develop defective (but dangerous) methods to score heavily against weaker players but get cut to ribbons when they use the same methods against a stronger player. This is particularly noticeable on the ICC, where some players will just try to win on the clock regardless of the objective strength of their moves, and most of the time it works. But their 'chess habits' suffer mightily as a result. Best wishes, Nigel

Elmer Valderrama    (2007-01-20 10:48:05)
practical play

I believe this can happen at all levels: at +2700 level for example, A Morozevich illustrates the case, +2951 Perf in Pamplona, not too awesome in big events, Linares or WCs :/

-I think he might be easily the Most Practical Player of All Time --if that award exists--