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Thibault de Vassal    (2007-06-23)

A few words about real names, asked at registration :

While registering, using your real name is really appreciated and helps to build this friendly atmosphere, not using your real name is tolerated if you don't abuse of it...

... but it is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to use dictators or any other famous people names !

If you feel concerned or notice such a name I wouldn't have noticed in the rating lists, please warn me through the message form in "My account" or by email.

Thanks in advance.

Wolfgang Utesch    (2007-06-23 09:50:48)

Nicknames are o.k., but the real name behind should be known for the opponent! Otherwise there would be an advantage on nicknames because their former games couldn't investigated. And this would be the normal process in correspondence chess (and OTB) before match.

Wolfgang Utesch    (2007-06-23 09:58:11)

...and this threat is also very important for our match FICGS vs. IGAME.RU in my opinion!

Ilmars Cirulis    (2007-06-23 10:00:51)

I don't care about it... I will play as good as I can and try to win. No care who is sitting against me. Even Kasparov with nickname Denis Kuznec. :)

Wolfgang Utesch    (2007-06-23 10:21:35)

It's up to you - I think different! Preparation is an inportant thing in high-level chess (correspondence same as OTB) if you want to win or just to hold a draw against a very strong player.

Wolfgang Utesch    (2007-06-23 14:04:05)

by the way, Thibault de Vassal: What is your real name (?) - I can't find you in rating lists of ICCF and IECG. But you've said already, that your rating here about the same as in other organisations.

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-06-23 14:08:39)

Haha, good joke :)

But you're right, I said it already in this forum ! .. That's not a secret, but to me a funny enigma that noone solved yet ;) .. 2 years and a half ago, I played under my director's name (I made several 'experimental' movies before), which was my most used name in my work. That's why I don't play with my real name in this other organization. I gave another clue later.. Not so hard, will someone find my previous games ? :)

Wolfgang Utesch    (2007-06-23 15:12:30)
Enigma solved?

180119 IM Savostianoff, Evgueny (2437)

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-06-23 15:21:10)

I did not make russian movies yet :)

Ivan Poddubnyi    (2007-06-23 15:32:59)
2 Thibault de Vassal

Is my name OK or should I change it? If I can't play as Ivan Poddubnyi, please rename me. Ivan Ivanov, for example. :-)

Wolfgang Utesch    (2007-06-23 15:39:47)
Next try

180381 Hostachy, Thibaut 47 2371 M i

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-06-23 16:04:55)

You're looking at the wrong place, Wolfgang :)

Well, 5 russian names have just been changed. Sorry to Sergey for adding some work to organize team

Ivan Sukhov    (2007-06-23 16:14:30)
I am Ivan Sukhov now! :-)

People know me as Mobutu Sese Seco and Ivan Poddubnyi. A litle problem: why can't I find myself in the rating-list?

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-06-23 16:20:04)
Rating list

If your rating is provisional, see in the complete rating list. It is updated about every 6 hours, so your name should appear soon !

Wolfgang Utesch    (2007-06-23 16:53:28)
Last try

180702 Humez, Philippe 28 2415 M i

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-06-23 17:06:03)

Sorry Wolfgang :) .. Anyway, soon I'll post something about my first movie which is a bit related to chess, so the name will appear by itself !

Wolfgang Utesch    (2007-06-23 17:18:23)
confusion game

I know, nicknames are very usual in internet age - but why. There is no information from me what I have to cover up. But for others it may be different?!

Rodolfo d Ettorre    (2007-06-24 14:11:22)

I love nicknames, for example my name is Rodolfo d'Ettorre, therefore mi nick would be ... Rodolfo_dEttorre_TheGreat

Dinesh De Silva    (2007-06-29 18:19:35)

Thibault is "Emmanuel Hadet" ???!?

Wolfgang Utesch    (2007-06-29 18:31:28)

If Dinesh is right, we've played already together in one tournament (IECG).

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-06-29 20:24:16)

Sorry Dinesh... I'm surprised. I thought it was not so hard :)

Dinesh De Silva    (2007-06-30 02:08:36)

Rene Teboul

Rodolfo d Ettorre    (2007-06-30 12:59:09)

To make things more interesting, in some countries it is allowed to change the real name and surname...

Marc Lacrosse    (2007-06-30 20:08:06)


Thibault de Vassal    (2007-07-04 11:19:11)

Well done Marc ! .. No, actually Montviel is only the 2nd part of my name "Thibault de Vassal-Montviel" .. a bit long :) .. Still unsolved, Dinesh.

Wolfgang Utesch    (2007-07-04 12:07:59)

... and where did you play chess with this name?

Dinesh De Silva    (2007-07-04 12:40:35)

Utesch is correct......there's no trace of any "Montviel" playing at IECG or ICCF. I have a strong feeling that either Utesch or I have already guessed Thibault's real name somewhere in this thread

Wolfgang Utesch    (2007-07-04 19:23:37)
Thibault de Pierrefeu


Andrew Stephenson    (2007-07-04 20:51:20)
Real names

"While registering, using your real name is really appreciated and helps to build this friendly atmosphere .." I would really appreciate it if Thibault would use his real name or at least reveal it. No offence meant but it seems strange to write a statement like the above and then use a nickname.

Dinesh De Silva    (2007-07-04 22:31:48)

Utesch, I think you've solved it. "Thibault de Pierrefeu" seems to be correct.

Rodolfo d Ettorre    (2007-07-05 10:06:36)

Maybe Thibault does not exist, he is probably a chess engine with a touch of personality?

Wolfgang Utesch    (2007-07-05 10:20:45)
Thibault de Pierrefeu

Rodolfo I don't think so: From my some discussions with him is clear that his chess knowledges are much bigger than from just engines. Just the question is staying, why is he doing so mystically about his own foretime of chess?

Rodolfo d Ettorre    (2007-07-06 02:08:09)

Could it be Thibault de Bergerac?

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-07-06 11:22:37)
Unsolved, definitely + @ Andrew

It seems we forgot the original posts of this sub-discussion :)

Thibault de Vassal is (of course!) my real name... I just said that I played under my director's name [I made movies] in another correspondence chess organization before to play here. I'm quite surprised no-one found it yet :)

Nick Burrows    (2007-07-06 12:10:59)
Directorial issue..

The obvious question is - what were the names of the filma that you made Thibault!?

Wolfgang Utesch    (2007-07-06 15:06:48)
Orange méchnique

... this film was made by Thibault under his real name!

Wolfgang Utesch    (2007-07-06 15:30:28)
Olivier Simon


Thibault de Vassal    (2007-07-11 14:24:13)
A clockwork orange

Olivier Simon is "Alex" in this other 'A clockwork orange' :) .. "Orange mécanique" is the french title translation, but not the real title. This is not exactly a parody of the Stanley Kubrick's one.

A french (good) chess player is also named Olivier Simon... well tried but I'm not Olivier Simon... did you see a trailer for that (my 2nd) movie ? :)