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Next game feature

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Garvin Gray    (2011-09-29)
Next game feature

Hello Thib and all,

I have been using the next game feature for a while and I would like to see a change to it.

Would it be possible that this feature auto defaults to the game with the shortest amount of time remaining?

I am not sure what the current setting is, but it seems a bit random which game it moves to next.

I think changing this feature so that it moves to the game with the least amount of time remaining would be a helpful and useful change.



Thibault de Vassal    (2011-09-30 23:22:17)
Next game feature

Hi Garvin. We tried this already and there was some problems: if we choose the game with the shortest amount of time remaining, if it is a game you don't want to play right now, it appears again and again... it was really annoying :/ The current method avoid this and I didn't find something else efficient enough.