Next freestyle tournament


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Garvin Gray    (2010-09-11)
Next freestyle tournament

Hello all,

From just seeing a couple of comments in the chat section, I am very concerned regarding plans for the next freestyle tournament.

It seems like it is going to be organised at short notice ie just one or two weeks notice.

I think this is a major mistake and would result only in those who happen to be available by coincidence being able to play.

I really do hope I have wrong. I think the next freestyle tournament needs at least one months notice so it can be properly promoted.

Thibault de Vassal    (2010-09-11 20:25:34)
Next freestyle tournament

Hi Garvin, it will be the case... I was not sure about september week-ends and finally I shouldn't be able to organize it before October 16-17 which looks like a good time...

If anyone finds a good reason not to do it on October 16-17, please send me an email... I should announce the definitive choice in a few days.

Garvin Gray    (2010-09-14 13:15:28)
Next freestyle tournament

If it is Oct 16/17 then I am out.

David Evans    (2010-09-27 13:14:37)
Next freestyle tournament

Can u give a date as i would like to defend my freestyle title and need to confirm a date in my dairy


Thibault de Vassal    (2010-09-28 20:55:02)
Next freestyle tournament

Finally... the next freestyle chess tournament will be held on october 30 & 31, 2010 ! It will be announced everywhere on the site very soon.

Daniel Parmet    (2010-09-29 23:10:41)
Next freestyle tournament

I am still not clear on what a freestyle tournament is?

Thibault de Vassal    (2010-09-30 13:35:58)
Next freestyle tournament

A "freestyle chess tournament" is (according to me) a chess tournament played OTB or on the internet by players using any kind of help (chess engines [Rybka, Fire, Houdini, Fritz, Shredder, whatever...], databases, other players...) with a fast time control (a few hours per game at most).

The "FICGS chess freestyle cup" is a freestyle chess tournament played on the internet...

As "correspondence" implies all freestyle features but the fast time control, freestyle 'must' probably mean played at a fast time control, or the two words would mean the same.

Well, it may be worth to add the final definition in the Help section after all :)