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Amir Bagheri    (2007-06-30)
Newsletter and Blog Recruitment

I am trying to set up a Newsletter. This would be an excellent way to spread news amongst ourselves. This newsletter targets primarily The Chess corner Members however I would like to create a column dedicated to the FICGS Members a bit like a gossip page or anything that you would like to share. This Newsletter will be distributed to all my members and to FICGS Member that wishes to receive it To do so I require help from you all we are actively looking for 1) writters 2) editors 3) researchers 4) Designers To express your interest, please go to and fill up the application form. For those of you wiling to help us please bare in mind that I will create a forum where you could share ideas and opinion it is therefore essential that you register on The Chess Corner. All authors will be acknowleged and credit will be given. If you want to help but reckon that a Newsletter maybe a bit out of your league, we are looking for some enthusiasts to look after the Blog. The Blog Regards Amir Bagheri (GM) PS I welcome all comments

Mircea Hrubaru    (2007-06-30 14:11:16)
Interesting news

Hello Amir, We all hope your project will get good contributors. I wish your project will become reality soon! Reagrds, Mircea

Dinesh De Silva    (2007-06-30 14:18:41)

Amir! Best regards on the project. It's a long time since we last heard from you here. I guess you've been busy the last few months taking part in o.t.b. tournaments. Hope things are going well for you.

Amir Bagheri    (2007-06-30 14:29:54)

Yes I have been rather buzy... i hope that FICGS members will relish the possibility to have a column in my Newsletter