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Jose Antonio Marin Millan    (2006-08-02)
New groups of the 1st WCH

Of whichever players they will be the new groups of the WCH? The inscriptions were made according to playing not more than 12 games.

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-08-02 20:36:00)
Chess WCH waiting list

Hello JosÚ Antonio.

Players who had not entered chess wch waiting list before July 1st (start of the 1st wch) can do it before August 15, in order to start more tournaments (july was a bit early to start). Most players who entered it lately already play in new groups or have replaced players who didn't make a single move in their games (and lost on time). If this is the point you're talking about, it's difficult to consider a game without a move has been really played. Replacements (particularly players rated 1200: beginners) allow to low rated players to enter this 1st WCH tournaments cycle, otherwise new groups wouldn't have the necessary rating average.

Finally, everyone play a 6-games tournament in this first round. So, why 12 games ? Maybe I did not understand well... :/

Jose Antonio Marin Millan    (2006-08-02 22:44:12)
Thanks for the answer

Thanks for the answer. He thought that all the players when following including in the waiting list were going to be including in a new group. I understand that single a group of 7 players in this First WHC gambles warm Greetings