Near death experience

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Near death experience


Did you live a near death experience and if yes, what do you think about death now, did it change something in your beliefs around life and death?  Finally is there something after death according to you and why do you believe this?

What did you see during your NDE?  Did you see your whole life and a white light as it is said sometimes?  How much time did it last?  Did you see yourself from above your body?  Did you see anything else?

Thanks for telling your experience.

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  * - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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 Life After Death, Near- *
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...s are remarkable in that the individual's experience does not stop...
about Brinkley, who has had one of the most dynamic near-death...

  * Research Foundation (NDERF) with Evidence of the Afterlife

fter fainting I remember I was observing the opposite wall and...
Similarities Between Heavenly Descriptions in A Course in...

 Decoding The Mystery Of Near- * s : NPR
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Michael Sabom, a cardiologist in Atlanta who researches near-death...
Singer-songwriter Pam Reynolds says she had a near-death experience...

 The Near *

 A * (2008) (TV)
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 near- * (NDE) - The Skeptic's Dictionary -
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Near-death experiences linked to sleep oddities REM intrusions...
The scientists were startled to find that her brain patterns,...
A 13-year Dutch study led by Pim van Lommel and published in... - Home

  * beyond the veil

Created 8/18/96, designed, written and maintained by Diane Goble,...
Over the past 14 years, I've been gathering links to a wide range of...
This is the path of knowledge where all beliefs, thoughts, ideas,...

 BBC News | HEALTH | ' * s' probed > 2/hi/health/1685311.stm

The BBC is not responsible for the content of external internet...
A pilot project at the city's general hospital suggested that a... Dying to Live: Near- * s (9780879758707): Susan Blackmore: Books
amazon > Dying Live Experiences Susan Blackmore/dp/0879758708

expectedHeightMiddle ) { var newAdsHtml = [...
expectedHeightWide ) { var newAdsHtml = [...
Published on September 15, 2002 by Steve Pochadt...

 Near- * s are real and we have the proof, say scientists - NEWSMONSTER
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'I died in Jerusalem in 1276', says researcher who underwent...
Near-death experiences are real and we have the proof, say...

  * - Profiles.
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...hese pages you will find extracts from a number of...
...s have been reported throughout history from...
...s are not new but have always been with...

 Open Directory - Society: Death: * s
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Last update: Sunday, October 18, 2009 12:51:57 AM EDT -...


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قرب موت خبرة    (ar)
Blízko smrti zkušenosti    (cs)
Nær død erfaringer    (da)
Nahe Todeserfahrung    (de)
Κοντά στην εμπειρία θανάτου    (el)
Cerca de experiencia de la muerte    (es)
نزديك به مرگ تجربه    (fa)
lähellä kuolemaa kokemus    (fi)
Près de l'expérience de la mort    (fr)
Bakin mutuwa ɗanɗana    (ha)
בסמוך מוות הניסיון    (he)
मृत्यु के निकट अनुभव    (hi)
Halál közelében tapasztalat    (hu)
Vicino ad esperienza di morte    (it)
死の経験の近く    (ja)
죽음 경험의 가까이에    (ko)
Dichtbij doodservaring    (nl)
Nær døden erfaring    (no)
Blisko śmierć doświadczenie    (pl)
Perto da experiência da morte    (pt)
Linga moartea experienta    (ro)
Около опыта смерти    (ru)
Kod smrt iskustvo    (sr)
Nära död erfara    (sv)
ประสบการณ์ใกล้ตาย    (th)
Ölüm Yakınlarında deneyimi    (tr)
موت کے قریب تجربہ    (ur)
在死亡经验附近    (zh)

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