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Wayne Lowrance    (2010-04-12)
NEW # 1

Well here it is:

Stockfish just topped R3. Thought I would never see this day ! I still don't trust it tho, hehehe:)

Wayne Lowrance    (2010-04-12 19:28:37)
NEW # 1

And here, NOT #1 :) hehe:

Peter Marriott    (2010-04-12 20:56:34)
NEW # 1

The CCRL site you showed is FRC, and the CEGT one is not. :)

Thibault de Vassal    (2010-04-12 21:08:23)
NEW # 1

New number 1 or not, the gap decreases... All this was predictable (and it was predicted) even if Rybka was untouchable for the most when the gap was over 100 elo points... but after that Chessbase intelligently scheduled the improvements of Fritz, Shredder, Junior, Hiarcs & finally Rybka, came Naum, Stockfish, Ippolit & its clones RobboLito, Ivanhoe & Firebird.

Clones or not clones, anyway now it seems obvious for everyone that it will be harder and harder to make money with chess engines, just like with everything else on the internet... The beginning of the decadence (according to its meaning) ?

Tano-Urayoan Russi Roman    (2010-04-13 07:05:55)
NEW # 1

FRC means fischer random chess, still Rybka's not surpassed in regular chess after almost 2 years.