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My vacation (BUG)

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Halil Kiren    (2006-09-27)
My vacation (BUG)

I am currently using my vacation I can't make any move..But the thing is my clock is still working and I'm losing my games ..I want the administrators to find a solution to this.I have lost a game because of this so far and I'm about to lose one more...i lost game 2036 ..and.. game 2006.. my clock = 1 day 02:12:02..what will i do??

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-09-27 20:17:26)
Vacation & time limit per move

Hello Halil.

Unfortunately, this is not a bug :/

Here is the message you may have read just before you confirmed your days leave :

"Make sure you have no pending moves for more than 30 days before taking days leave, as the time per move clock is still running during vacation." (time per move clock is the one between brackets)

Rules 11.4 : "Any move in any game shall be played in a maximum period of 60 days, otherwise the game will be adjudicated on time."

You did not play any move in game 2036 for more than 60 days. Actually, you did not play any move for about 40 days when you took your ~20 days leave. The aim of this rule is to avoid too long delays for a single move. Usually, 30 days is enough...

Anyway, I send you an email about this problem.

Best wishes. Thibault