My tournament activity


My tournament activity

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Wayne Lowrance    (2013-09-25)
My tournament activity

Thib I dis like having to post this msg.

Thib I have tried very hard to continue these tournaments. Somehow I have over committed Tournaments. I am competing in away to many tournaments. I am not able mentally & physically to play active chess. it is not fair to me and my opponents.

I am very satisfied with results. I currently have no negative results. My mind no longer has memory capacity for chess at my level.
My wife Dorothy has asked me to discontinue chess
She knows what it means to me and how hard this is for me to take this course of action.
Thanks to you and especially to all of my partners.
God bless all.

Wayne Lowrance    (2013-09-25 07:18:15)
My tournament activity

PS please remove me from all aactivity. TKU Wayne

Alvin Alcala    (2013-09-25 12:40:11)
My tournament activity

Its ok Wayne, please keep in touch in any case :)

George Clement    (2013-09-25 22:16:46)
My tournament activity

Wayne it has been a privelige to know and play you. I hope you do alright if life.

Thibault de Vassal    (2013-10-08 11:17:13)
My tournament activity

Health before everything (and particularly chess), Wayne!

Say hi to wise Dorothy for me and take care, anyway you'll always be one of the strongest players having played here :)

See you, wherever on the internet...