My new little chess site


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Marc Lacrosse    (2007-01-08)
My new little chess site ...

... is located at

There will be some computer chess related stuff (opening books, collected ICC games, database processing tips, tests results ...) together with a few games, analyses, and maybe some historical data and so on.

Not that much so far, but I wish and hope that the baby will be growing fast :-)


Charlie Neil    (2007-01-08 17:18:31)
My little new chess site

Loved the pictures on chessbazaar. We have a cat in this house who knows that evolved monkeys are his servants. Good luck with the site.

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-01-08 18:14:32)

Good luck with this new chess site, Marc :)

What pictures are you talking about, Charlie ?? .. I may have problems to see it on this computer, I'll look at it on another one tomorrow...

Charlie Neil    (2007-01-08 20:32:06)

Thibault, go into chessbazzar then file archive,there are some superb pictures of cats and chess.

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-01-08 21:05:09)

Thanks Charlie. I found it... Nice :)