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My chess site ...

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Marc Lacrosse    (2009-07-03)
My chess site ...

... has been rejuvenated and I intend to add content more regularly.
Address is still
I hope computer chess and correspondence chess fans will find some interesting info there.
There is a linked blog where comments and suggestions are welcome.


Don Groves    (2009-07-04 00:19:53)
Your chess site

Very nice!

Thibault de Vassal    (2009-07-04 00:39:06)

More, more :)

By the way it could be interesting to gather every chess blogs maintained by correspondence chess players...

Daniel Parmet    (2009-07-08 05:02:57)

My blog:

I actually run a blog where i've plugged ficgs several times:) However, I doubt the material is going to be of much interest to corr players but check it out anyways!