Multiple sclerosis and vaccination H1N1

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*ms_h1n1    (2009-12-30)
Multiple sclerosis and vaccination H1N1

Hello, I would like to find some statistics to know the risks to do an outbreak of multiple sclerosis when you are vaccinated against the flu A/H1N1.

I read that you have about one chance out of 1000 to make a bad reaction after a vaccination, and about one person out of a thousand has this disease. But is this probability correct for every vaccine, whatever the number of vaccinations, if the disease has been diagnosed already or not, what are the other factors that can change the statistics?  Finally, do we know by experience the risks to do an outbreak of multiple sclerosis with the current vaccine against the A/H1N1 flu?

I ask this of course because I have the disease and I wonder if I must be vaccinated against this flu. If I understood well the situation, this flu will disappear in a few months and the risk to do an outbreak is exactly the same if I am ill of this flu or if I am vaccinated, and about one person out of a thousand dies from this flu. Consequently it is not obvious to me that people who have multiple sclerosis should be vaccinated.

Thanks for your help and sorry for my weak english.

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Множествена склероза и ваксинац    (bg)
Roztroušená skleróza mozkomíšní a očkování u    (cs)
MULTIPEL Sklerose og vaccination H1N1    (da)
Mehrfache Sklerose und Schutzimpfung H1N1    (de)
Πολλαπλάσια σκλήρυνση και εμβολ    (el)
Esclerosis múltiple y vacunación H1N1    (es)
تصلب‌ بافت‌ متعدد و واکسیناسیون    (fa)
MS- taudista ja rokotuksia h1n1    (fi)
Sclérose en plaques et vaccination H1N1    (fr)
Mataɓiyarta sclerosis da shasshawa h1n1    (ha)
מרובה סקלרוזה, h1n1 חיסון    (he)
बहु-फसली काठिन्य और टी    (hi)
Több agyérelmeszesedés és vakcinázásának segítségé    (hu)
Sclerosi a placche e vaccinazione H1N1    (it)
多数硬化およびワクチン接種H1N1    (ja)
다발성 경화증 및 백신 주사 H1N1    (ko)
Multiple sclerose en inenting H1N1    (nl)
Flere Sklerosering og vaccination H1N1    (no)
Stwardnienia Rozsianego i szczepienia roku    (pl)
Sclerosis múltiplo e vaccination H1N1    (pt)
multiple atinge si vaccinarea Hsw1    (ro)
Множественный склероз и вакцини    (ru)
Više multipleks i vakcinacije h1n1    (sr)
Multipelsclerosis och vaccination H1N1    (sv)
มีหลายเส้นโลหิตตีบแล    (th)
Çoklu sclerosis ve aşı H1N1    (tr)
h1n1 گنا sclerosis اور حفاظتی ٹیکے    (ur)
多发性硬化症和接种H1N1    (zh)

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