Morelia Linares 2007


Morelia Linares 2007

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Thibault de Vassal    (2007-02-18)
Morelia Linares 2007

Super-GM tournament of Morelia-Linares starts... with Topalov, Ivanchuk, Leko, Morozevich, Svidler, Carlsen, Anand and Aronian.

Will Topalov be affected by rumors ?

Let's see who will make the best predictions ? :)

My final standings :

1. Aronian, 2. Topalov, 3. Leko, 4. Anand, 5. Svidler, 6. Morozevich, 7. Ivanchuk, 8. Carlsen

Catalin Ionescu    (2007-02-18 23:58:41)
Topalov or Leko ?

1. Topalov 2. Leko 3. Svidler 4. Aronian 5. Carlsen 6. Anand 7. Ivanchuk 8. Morozevich

(right now the round 2 is playing)

I think Carlsen will be the surprise of this tournament :)

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-02-22 12:01:22)
Standings - Round 4

Hmm... Morelia's round 4 was quite interesting. Anand beats Morozevich, Carlsen beats Ivanchuk !

Now Anand leads by 3/4 followed by Carlsen 2,5 .. then Svidler, Aronian, Ivanchuk, Leko 2/4

Everything still can happen... :)

Dinesh De Silva    (2007-02-23 08:59:26)

What is more interesting is Top. hardly looks like he'll be able to score a full point against anyone in this tourney. Hmm. I wonder why. Ran out of lucky teddy bears perhaps?!!..... Maybe manager demanding a salary increase perhaps? lol.

Nicola Lupinacci    (2007-02-23 09:13:39)
Magnus Carlsen is now at the top

After round 5 Carlsen lead with 3.5/5, winning against Topalov, while Anand lose against Aronian.
This is a great tournament, with leaders that can lose a game also against the last player. Really interesting :-D

Dinesh De Silva    (2007-02-23 10:15:35)

Nicola, Thanks for the update. Yes, this particular Morelia-Linares tourney seems to be the most interesting tourney amongst SuperGMs we have witnessed for quite some time.

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-02-23 11:54:47)

I wonder how Garry Kasparov would do in this tournament without any more preparation :)

This round 5 was full of surprises... I think Topalov will have a better 2nd part again, like Aronian. But Carlsen could make my predictions false :/

Nicola Lupinacci    (2007-02-23 13:19:20)

In my opinion the best kasparov certainly could win all tournaments (also Morelia-Linares 2007) without any preparation

he is the best chess player of all time

he is the game of chess! :-D

Dinesh De Silva    (2007-02-23 13:28:31)

Nicola, I bet Kasparov will see your comments and will be mighty pleased! Who knows, he just might even give you some free chess lessons. One thing is certain., Kasparov will NOT give Vladimir Putin of Russia any free chess lessons. Haha!

Elmer Valderrama    (2007-02-23 18:25:51)

In the same vein if Fischer comes out and plays in Linares/Morelia he'd score 13.5/14, blowing all his opponents despite playing the same lines he always played and revealing novelties no-one thought about even with the help of computers...

(must be Friday, :P)

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-02-23 20:16:47)
Bobby Fischer

April joke, right ? :)

In my opinion Fischer would score about 4 points, no more & probably less.
(particularly without any preparation and considering his age)

Elmer Valderrama    (2007-02-23 22:02:35)
Oh my..

*in the same vein* I'd say Kasparov would score 4.5 given that he's younger than Fischer but equally out-of-form and with a bad record of blunders in his last couple of years..:P -somehow Kasparov's die-hards think that he retired in the 80's, lol, ...and that this year is 1987 :)

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-02-24 00:11:01)
Carlsen vs. Topalov

Interesting, the last game Carlsen vs. Topalov was a draw when Topalov resigned...

ChessPosition (see diagram)

a b c d e f g h

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-02-24 00:12:00)
Carlsen vs. Topalov

Black to move (of course).

Chessbase : "In fact Carlsen shows the horrified former world champion the defence immediately after he had resigned"

Horrified, at least...

Dinesh De Silva    (2007-02-24 06:58:50)

...., Qd5+ leads to an easy draw. How did Topalov miss it? A mystery.

Nicola Lupinacci    (2007-02-25 11:30:19)
Round 6

All game drawn, Carlsen still lead

This is the standings after six rounds:

Carlsen 4
Aronian 3.5
Anand 3.5
Leko 3
Svidler 3
Ivanchuk 3
Topalov 2
Morozevich 2

Next round:

Peter Leko - Vishy Anand
Vassily Ivanchuk - Levon Aronian
Veselin Topalov - Alex. Morozevich
Peter Svidler - Magnus Carlsen

Catalin Ionescu    (2007-02-25 11:58:38)
Round 6

I think they are getting bored :)

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-02-26 09:19:55)
Round 7

Another fighting round, with Anand, Topalov & Ivanchuk winning...

I still believe in my predictions... (if not, who will do it ? :))

Dinesh De Silva    (2007-02-26 17:49:46)

Thibault, here's the wager/bet: If your prediction is wrong, you can give me 1000 Euros. If your prediction is right, I can be given 1000 Euros by you.

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-02-26 21:55:34)

Hi Dinesh. I'm afraid you're a too good statistician ;)

Dinesh De Silva    (2007-02-27 06:46:46)

Haha! I just had to play that joke on you! Wordplay is such good fun sometimes.

Nicola Lupinacci    (2007-03-03 02:24:01)
Round 8

all games drawn, the leaders are still Anand and Carlsen with 5 pt, followed by Ivanchuk with 4.5

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-03-04 12:57:00)
Round 9

Great game Topalov vs. Ivanchuk... Morozevich beats Leko. Carlsen & Anand still lead. It seems my predictions will be quite wrong :) .. To be continued.

Jaimie Wilson    (2007-03-04 16:49:00)

A shame that grandmaster Vassily was very low on time against Topalov. It really was a good game.

Catalin Ionescu    (2007-03-04 22:48:57)
round 10

Again Anand defeats Carlsen :) ...
What a great match between Leko and Topalov ... after 7 hours the game was a draw. Excellent !!!

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-03-05 09:59:16)
Vishy Anand

Vishy Anand now leads Morelia-Linares tournament by one full point... I thought this tournament wouldn't be his peak of form, but he's always surprising :)

Nice game Leko-Topalov, indeed... and a 84 moves draw.

Nicola Lupinacci    (2007-03-06 20:24:54)
round 11

Carlsen beats Ivanchuk, now the standing is:

Anand 7
Carlsen 6.5
Svidler, Aronian, Ivanchuk 5.5
Topalov 5
Morozevich, Leko 4.5

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-03-07 22:16:28)
round 12

Peter Svidler beats Peter Leko (now last in the standings), Alexander Morozevich beats Vassily Ivanchuk... Anand still leads, Carlsen second. Really explosive tournament, waiting for some statistics, numbers of draws/win and so on.

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-03-10 22:40:51)
Final standings

Morozevich beats Topalov in a dead draw ending at round 13, Morozevich beats Svidler with Black in the next & last round... In the final standings, after a horrible start, Morozevich is second with Carlsen ! (who lost to Peter Leko in the last round). Topalov is last with Leko. Really incredible tournament, very hard to predict all long.

Vishy Anand wins the tournament by one full point !

Final standings :

1/ Anand : 8,5
2/ Morozevich : 7,5
3/ Carlsen : 7,5
4/ Aronian : 7
5/ Svidler : 7
6/ Ivanchuk : 6,5
7/ Topalov : 6
8/ Leko : 6

... even harder that lottery :)))

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-03-10 22:51:55)
Anand virtually ranked #1

After Morelia-Linares 2007 tournament, Viswanathan is virtually ranked #1 on the next FIDE rating list (2007, April). Great achievement :)

Quite funny to see the separated results of Morelia & Linares tournament, particularly performances for Alexander Morozevich (!)

Elmer Valderrama    (2007-03-11 10:43:49)
Anand virtually ranked #1

Maybe he's just started to overcome his I-can't-do-it-at-this-level syndrome :)

-Chess world is full of UnderAchievers: players who can't become IMs, IMs who can't become GMs, GMs who can't become WCs, WCs who can't performe as such --and all that includes both me and you, dear reader lol