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Missing chat

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Peter Brodie    (2016-09-09)
Missing chat

A number of my recent harmless, inoffensive chatty postings in international chat have simply disappeared almost as soon as I posted them..why?

Thibault de Vassal    (2016-09-12 17:41:43)
Missing chat

It just regularly happens, for some reasons a few players (not necessarily the same ones) delete comments... Well, it's always possible to repost from time to time.

Peter Brodie    (2016-09-13 01:31:42)
Missing chat

I can understand players deleting their own chat comments but how do they gain access to other player's chat comments and also delete them? It doesn't seem fair if they can do this..Other people should not be able to delete your own comments..what you decide to do with them is your business, no one elses..Also, why should I have to re-post an inoffensive chat message just because some cretin takes a dislike to it? Whers's the justice? This ability to delete other's chat should be gotten rid of...

George Jempty    (2016-09-13 14:41:12)
Missing chat

I once accidentally deleted a comment the first time ever I clicked on the triangle -- I did not realize the purpose was to delete. Rather I thought it would "expand" a chat topic. This was probably close to a year ago. In the meantime yes I primarily delete my own comments. However recently Duenas decided to post comments about an ongoing game of his with Cirulis, which to me just seems inappropriate for chat as there is a message box for each move of a game, as well as private messages. Those comments bumped a bunch of other comments possibly relevant to the whole FICGS community off the front page, so I deleted them.

I'm sorry if you Mr. Brodie if you think this makes me a cretin, but I'm just trying to keep the chat relevant to *everybody* on FICGS, not just two players, and in any case I think you rather over-state your case: "illegal hacking", references to "justice", etc. -- it's just a chat board. In any case what you are suggesting is a "policy" issue, but I think there is a "technical" issue too. And that is, once you click on the triangle you get a popup box with one button (an "alert") instead of two buttons (a "confirm"). A confirm would allow you to undo the delete, for instance if you accidentally clicked the triangle. Thib if you are reading this I am a web developer with nearly 20 years experience and could quite easily implement this, as I know you have a lot of other priorities.

George Jempty    (2016-09-13 14:43:41)
Missing chat

I am wrong, I just tried to delete a comment of my own, and there's a cancel button. I guess if you post to chat you are just at the mercy of community/volunteer administrators -- this is not uncommon on other chat boards. I guess if Thib think's you're doing it too much, he could revoke the deletion ability for individual users.

George Jempty    (2016-09-13 14:48:57)
Missing chat

Maybe I am wrong that I am wrong? I clicked cancel but my own comment still got deleted

Ilmars Cirulis    (2016-09-13 15:32:13)
Missing chat

Also, yes, Cancel option is still broken and deletes a comment too.

Peter Brodie    (2016-09-13 17:51:28)
Missing chat

You should only be able to delete your own chat..it shouldn't effect others..if you are posting offensive material and won't delete the site moderator(s) should be able to delete..it's s site glitch that should be fixed..otherwise it makes chat meaningless.I only come here to play not yack so it's a small thing but my sense of justice and fair play came into effect..

Thibault de Vassal    (2016-09-17 01:05:21)
Missing chat

That's right, it has to be fixed... Anyway, the reason why comments can be deleted is just to avoid that insults (or so) can be visible during a long time. Maximum moderation is best for such an open chat. I'm quite sure about this after all these years...

Peter Brodie    (2016-09-17 01:34:00)
Missing chat

Thanks Thibault..I'm coming to the ccnclusion that your way was right, after all..Players do need to be able to delete any abusive chat as soon as it appears, whether themselves if they are abused directly and are there to see it at that moment or others deleting in their place simply because abuse of any kind is not tolerated..This procedure does lead to some simply deciding what is relevant and useful chat and what isn't and thereby often messing up a chat thread..so arbitrary deletions should be frowned on and anyone who keeps deleting any chat at their whim should, perhaps, be barred from chat for, say, a month, until they learn some manners and proper chat etiquette..also, anyone who engages in mass deleting because they like causing chaos should get two warnings, then be barred for good if they persist..They shoud also be named..anyone who engages in abusive chat should get also two warnings, then they will be barred from chat forever..How's this for a settlement of tbe situation?

George Jempty    (2016-09-19 22:22:05)
Missing chat

I think the first thing that needs to be fixed from a technical perspective is that, when trying to cancel a deletion, it still performs the deletion of the comment. I'm a web developer and know that this should be a pretty easy fix. Otherwise I think the suggestions of somebody who themselves were abusive in chat should be taken with a grain of salt.

Peter Brodie    (2016-09-19 22:38:00)
Missing chat

I figured some time ago you were one of those pathetic internet princesses who likes starting meaningless arguments for their own sake as it gives you a hard-on..I'd suggest you get a life but I suppose that isn't possible..As for abuse, you gave as good as you got you little shit so don't start accusing and playing the little hurt dove..how sad..How obvious....lol...

George Jempty    (2016-09-20 09:06:10)
Missing chat

Well that's as close to an admission you've made, laced with abuse as it is. I didn't abuse anyone except maybe to call you a troll though maybe I did abuse the system. I thought we'd come to some agreement when I came up with the idea of a system where it took two people to delete a chat message and you said "good idea", but then when a bunch of messages subsequently got deleted, you went on to falsely accuse me. Thib could put this all to rest by telling us who deleted the messages on that particular day, but it wasn't me. Could we just agree to a cease fire in the meantime?

George Jempty    (2016-09-20 09:25:24)
Missing chat

Thib could you at least acknowledge that on 9/13 the day in question I was *NOT* the one who deleted probably a dozen or more chat messages

Peter Brodie    (2016-09-20 16:16:24)
Missing chat


Thibault de Vassal    (2016-09-20 23:05:50)
Missing chat

First of all, who deleted such or such chat message is of a tiny importance... The main interest of this chat is usually for instant conversation. However, I'll fix those chat issues soon, thanks for your patience.

Second, insults and provocations are not acceptable here. I suggest to read the FICGS terms and conditions quickly before I have to apply those rules. Thanks in advance.

Scott Nichols    (2016-09-20 23:35:54)
Missing chat

You always handle it the right way Thib. Just a request: can you maybe increase it to 140 characters like Twitter? :)

Thibault de Vassal    (2016-09-21 01:43:45)
Missing chat

The "confirm" box issue is now fixed.

@Scott: No, sorry :) The issue there is general design... I tested that before, and it was not ok.

George Jempty    (2016-09-30 19:48:14)
Missing chat

I like Scott's suggestion of 140 characters in the chat





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