Microsoft Kin mobile phone review

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saracandy    (2010-05-20)
Microsoft Kin mobile phone review

Microsoft Kin mobile phone review
After have manufactured more smartphones for the enterprise users in many years, Microsoft finally launched own-brand Kin ( for consumers, and released Kin tow and Kin two models. These two mobile phones by Verizon Wireless exclusive sales finally published on May 13. With stripped-down interfaces, deep social networking integration, and a focus on very particular type of user, Microsoft is aiming for something altogether different with Kin. Now, below is a brief introduction about them.

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*6398    (2010-06-04 10:58:26)
Microsoft Kin mobile phone review

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jamesadamhawk    (2010-06-08 06:50:25)
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sarasiny    (2010-09-13 06:06:05)
10 years ago

Now Microsoft has been making a big deal out of the cameras on these phones, having equipped the One with a 5 megapixel shooter, and the Two with an 8 megapixel version that does wait for it... 720p video. For starters, just the act of trying to take a photo with the hardware buttons on these phones is really quite uncomfortable; somehow, both the One and Two seem to force your hand into a position where you're blocking the lens with a finger or two. On the One, it's usually good for taking a picture after a firm press, but sometimes there's no reaction at all, while on the Two, it tends to focus in and out and then never snap a photo. Both the One and Two are equipped with autofocus lenses, though the One seemed to struggle much less with focusing in on subjects. On the other hand, its images looked more washed out to us. To sum up, taking still photos with both Kin devices was a frustrating, unrewarding affair that yielded more bad than good.


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