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Thibault de Vassal    (2007-12-16)
Make your chess variant :)

"Too many draws, chess is dead", one read such things quite often for a few years. True or not, what about to imagine a new variant like Chess-Vodka (one move or capture, one mouthful.. funny games :))

Ok, I can't implement Zubrowka on this server :) , but we could imagine a funny rule that would let the game rules very near classical chess but with more mad games, less drawish & giving equal chances to both players (main point being FUN)?!

Any ideas ?

William Taylor    (2007-12-18 12:28:27)

Implement atomic ches... Ok, so it's not very similar to classical chess, but it's great fun! When there is a capture, all pieces (but not pawns) within a 1-square radius (including the capturing and captured pieces) blow up. The aim is to blow up your opponent's king. There are very few draws, but white does seem to have an advantage.

Lincoln Tomlin    (2007-12-18 20:54:43)
Too many draws

In over the board play, I like Yermolinsky's idea of when two players agree that a position is drawn then the board should be turned around and play continue for at least a preset number of moves. When accepting a draw sometimes a player can see, or thinks he can, some advantage in his opponents position and both players would also have to be confident in what is going on in the position from both sides before offering or accepting.

Mladen Jankovic    (2007-12-19 22:40:38)
Small board

I was about to propose recently an implementation of a small board variant, just for fun that wouldn't be counted against the game limit.

Such things tend to be just plain fun.

With a small board variation you would complete the offer along side of Big Chess, Chess regular, and Chess 960.

You might want to consider some of Gardner's variants. I've played Los Alamos chess, and it's FUN.

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-12-20 00:08:53)
Chess variants

I didn't know about Yermolinsky's idea :) .. Yes, it would be great to have another chess variant, but we must find (or create) the very best one. I'm not sure if "Small chess" would work. Atomic chess is great fun.. but but.. too much !? .. don't know.

Lincoln Tomlin    (2007-12-20 07:44:37)
Chess variants

Many years ago, a friend and I made up a variant with the idea of practicing our endgame technique from a normal starting position. It worked like this: The pieces are setup as usual and the rules are exactly the same as in the normal game with the exception that all major and minor pieces cannot move unless they are capturing. The play then centres on pawn and king moves as if it was a K7vK7 endgame, which would be too easy to draw, but with added strategies of bringing pieces into play via sacrifices to unbalance the position. Which then cannot be moved again unless they take of course.

Samy Ould Ahmed    (2007-12-20 12:11:06)

In this site you can see 33 variants of can help you to find a new one :-)

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-12-20 17:28:30)
Chess variants

Lincoln, your chess variant looks very interesting ! .. I'll try it.

There are hundreds of variants, but not all are interesting.. Wikipedia also has a page about it.

Yugi Inving    (2007-12-21 01:35:19)
3 vs 3

I had just had this idea. this varient of chess have an hexagonal board whit three players playing all for themselves, (no alliance is permitted ). is also have at least six new piece and some new rules or power accorded to some piece. i will decribe it clearly an other time.

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-12-21 02:19:32)

Yugi, do you know Yalta ? (chess with 3 players) .. Actually alliances are almost impossible to avoid in this game.

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-12-21 02:20:25)
Lincoln's chess variant

What's very interesting in Lincoln's chess variant is to incite to sacrifice, but not to give all pieces (consequently the value of the pieces is quite hard to know), which is very different of suicide chess. To be continued :)