Major update Wikichess hashtables


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Thibault de Vassal    (2011-04-05)
Major update : Wikichess / hashtables


Wikichess now supports hashtables, with some advantages :

- The program detects & manages transpositions by itself.

- If both players are rated over 2000, their moves will be automatically added in Wikichess if the move before is already in the database and if the line is not a transposition (still some work).

- By clicking "W" in the fast interface, the search is done by hashtable and no more by line, which returns better results.

So in a few months Wikichess should be much more useful than now :)

Please report any bug if you find ones... Thanks!

William Taylor    (2011-04-07 13:56:53)
Major update : Wikichess / hashtables

I've added the Arkhangelsk Variation (in the Ruy Lopez) to Wikichess. It's not complete (only 7. Re1 is covered properly), so feel free to add to it, or I may come back later and add more.