Major update Chess openings amp endgames


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Thibault de Vassal    (2009-12-02)
Major update : Chess openings & endgames

A major update just occured, finished FICGS chess games (Go & poker as well) are now analyzed by the server that gives the name of each known opening & classifies the games by endgames, castlings & promotions !

Best, now you can find games by material on the board (like Chessbase) for endgames with less than 10 pieces. Just click "Search games" in the menu, eg. enter KRPP vs. KRP (whatever the order of the letters & colors), and you'll find among others this game (see the description of the game at the bottom of the page) :

Note : Finished games are not analyzed in real time, but this update clearly opens new perspectives :)

Please do not hesitate to comment this update or to report any bug you may see.