Looking for big chess partners


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Attila Ba    (2013-07-18)
Looking for big chess partners

Looking for big chess partners

I like very much the idea presented by this site of chess played on a bigger than normal board. Since Chess960 destroys theory but does not destroy engines (playing Chess960 for an engine is easy as pie) the only anti-engine way is to go for bigger board sizes. In this way you can measure your true correspondence chess skills independent of engines (on one hand no professional would go and write an engine for a game that is played by very few, on the other hand the number of possibilities soon grow out of hand on bigger boards making the tree search very difficult).

Out of my 18 big chess games on this site I have won 17 and lost 1 making it my most succesful type of game here. But with low player turnouts I simply can't get a tournament running (for half a year or so).

In order to have the possibility to play I have created a site solely for the purpose of playing rated big chess games on a single game basis with wide choice of timers and board sizes.

If anyone is interested please come to baatti.com and let's play big chess.

Thibault de Vassal    (2013-07-25 11:13:31)
Looking for big chess partners

Yes, that's unfortunate we have no big chess players enough :/

Robert Knighton    (2013-07-25 15:54:51)
Looking for big chess partners

the problem with chess variants is that there are so many of them and most of them have small fan bases.

I have always liked Grand Chess myself

Big chess is just too big for me lol