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*e5a878    (2009-03-06)
List of manwha

Hi, do you know more manwha by korean title to complete this list ?  Thanks.

Chonchu: The Genocide Fiend (천추)
The Antique Gift Shop (분녀네 선물가게)
Animal Paradise (애니멀 파라다이스)
9 Faces of Love (사랑에 관한 7가지 이야기)
50 Rules for Teenagers (10대에 하지 않으면 안 될 50가지)
Zero: The Beginning of the Coffin (제로 - 시작의관)
You're So Cool (넌 너무 멋져)
Yodong's Vampire (요동의 뱀파이어 단)
XS Hybrid (XS엑세스)

A list of famous manwha titles I found on the internet, but without their korean title :

1. 2. 3. A Kiss for my Prince
4. Angel Cup
5. Angel Diary
6. ArchLord
7. Banya: The Explosive Delivery Man
8. Blade of Heaven
9. Chocolat
10. Chronicles of the Cursed Sword
11. Chun Rhang Yul Jun
12. Cynical Orange
13. Demon Diary
14. Dorothy of Oz
15. Dragon Hunter
16. Faeries' Landing
17. Full House
18. Goong
19. Hard Boiled Angel
20. Heavenly Executioner Chiwoo
21. I.N.V.U.
22. Jack Frost
23. Kill Me, Kiss Me
24. King of Hell
25. Les Bijoux
26. Let Dai
27. Let's Be Perverts
28. Lights Out
29. Model
30. Moon Boy
31. Nambul: War Stories
32. One Thousand and One Nights
33. PhD: Phantasy Degree
34. Pig Bride
35. President Dad
36. Priceless
37. Priest
38. Princess
39. Quantum Mistake
40. Ragnarok
41. Rebirth
42. Saint Marie
43. Saver
44. Scissors
45. The Great Catsby
46. The Queen's Knight
47. The Tarot Café
48. Threads of Time
49. Unbalance x Unbalance
50. Veritas
51. Volcano High Prelude
52. Warcraft: The Sunwell Trilogy
53. iD eNTITY

(more options below)

*4e8895    (2009-04-09 22:46:03)
Numbers 1,2,3 =D

A Kiss for my Prince is:
왕자님에게 키스를

*sozupa    (2010-08-26 04:48:23)
12 years ago

anything by Hwang Mi Ri is prett good

tubeviews    (2013-02-21 13:35:41)
10 years ago

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